Monkey’s 2nd Christmas – 2013

When we started preparations for Christmas, many people told us that M wouldn’t be too fussed about his 2nd Christmas. They said he’d probably feel the same was as he did for his first Christmas. But we noticed that with each tree we saw and picture of Santa we passed, M was getting more and more excited. Whenever we were in the car he would squeal at the flashing Christmas lights that decorated the houses. We started thinking that perhaps he was much more aware of something special happening, than we gave him credit for.

Our Christmas was a strange one this year, which wasn’t a bad thing. It was just very different from last year. We had lots of build up of feeling christmassy and celebrating with family we wouldn’t see over Christmas and then we flew off to somewhere really hot and sunny, which didn’t feel like Christmas at all. We flew back on Christmas Eve and drove straight to my parents. Christmas songs blasted from the car radio as we dodged flooded roads and fallen trees. We had several hours to get back into Christmas mode before our little man went to bed so that Santa could visit.

Last year M sat up unaided for the first time on Christmas morning. We spent the day as a family at home, just the three of us. So we were prepared for lots of new experiences this Christmas. Christmas morning was so much fun. This Christmas was spent with my parents and my sister and her family.

amazement at gifts

M’s face filled my heart to the brim, the moment he saw his gifts. To be fair by the 4th present he was not too fussed about the unwrapping, but each and every gift received a gasp and an “ooooh look”. M is a Peppa Pig super fan, so we made sure a few of his presents were Peppa related and boy did he love them. Another of his favourite presents was a play kitchen from his Nanna and Grandpa. I think Santa was very busy with Kitchen requests this year as I saw an endless stream of them on instagram. M hasn’t stopped playing with his kitchen since and quite often prepares us tea with it.

peppa jeep

santa sack

family gifts christmas

scout christmas

winnie christmas

baby camera

dennis sack


This year was the first year C and I decided not to buy anything for each other, not even a silly stocking present. Job situations and wishing to save for a house, meant all our pennies had been allocated to more important areas of our lives and to be honest we both agreed it felt great not to have the pressure of trying to find each other a gift. It was so rewarding watching C help our little man open his presents and I loved his little face when he spied something exciting.

chocolate christmas

kitchen christmas


The rest of the day was spent eating far too much, watching Christmas films and being really silly, it was so much fun. We’ve decided that next year will be spent with C’s family so that M gets the chance to enjoy these special occasions with all of his family. I can’t wait to see how excited he will be by then. If this year is anything to go by, he will bursting with excitement by the time Christmas Day comes around.

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  1. Super Busy Mum Reply

    Aww Monkey looked like he had a great 2nd Christmas! So many fab pressies. He’s one lucky little monkey! x

  2. Lisa Reply

    Aw lovely post, we also went away before Xmas and it was a funny feeling to come home so close to Xmas x

  3. Claire Reply

    Aw! I think that babies from any age take in something special at Christmas. Izzy was 5 days old for her first Christmas and would stare at the decorations and light. Then at just over one she loved seeing all the new faces and familiy. This year she really noticed her presents! 😉 Her speech has come on so much since Christmas too after all that stimulation and talking to everyone. She can say most things now in funny sentences. :-). Glad you had a lovely Christmas!

    lots of love,



  4. mummydaddyme Reply

    Looks like it was a great Christmas, and lovely photos. I love Monkey’s camera, taking after his Mama! x

  5. SAHMlovingit Reply

    Aw it looks and sounds like a wonderful Christmas. I’m loving catching up with everyone’s posts. It was Thomas here over Peppa Pig. TC absolutely LOVED Christmas and, despite being only 21 months, he got so much from it so I’m totally with you there x
    p.s. MC used to have the pink version of that kitchen when she was tiny and she loved it 🙂

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