Monkey’s First Tooth

As you may have heard, our little Monkey finally got his first tooth last week. I thought he would look strange, as I’m just so used to looking at his gummy smile but it’s so adorable.

We had a tough start to last week as the tooth broke through the gum. Last Monday was K’s birthday but we made the best out of the situation, its just one of those things!

We’ve almost been brought to tears hearing M make the most heart wrenching screams but it all seems to have calmed down a bit now. A small tip of another tooth is out at the top but hasn’t quite cut yet. We anticipate that to come very soon.

Having a tooth means we’ve added something new into our morning and bedtime routine, brushing teeth (or tooth). We bought a little 0-2 years toothbrush and some Milk Teeth toothpaste and M loves it! We’ve been told that babies tend not to like the mint flavour but our little Monkey just can’t get enough of it.

Monkey's First Tooth -

It’s so sweet when he sees the toothbrush. He opens his little mouth so I can brush the tooth, we then wipe his face clean. When it’s time for mummy to brush her teeth M sits in his Bumbo and continues to chomp on the toothbrush. He must love the way it feels on his gums.

I love experiencing all these new things. I can’t wait to see more teeth!

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  1. Brinabird and Son Reply

    I wish I was so excited over the whole tooth business. We have the four back ones left and I can’t wait to get it over and done with! Thankfully our wee man does not mind the whole tooth brushing stuff too much.

  2. Jenny @ The Brick Castle Reply

    All of mine have liked mint – I think it’s a really strange taste when they first experience it and it does make them wince, but it’s not actually something they usually find unpleasant…. 😀

  3. Charlotte - Write Like No One's Watching Reply

    I love that first tooth – okay so cutting it isn’t fun, for us or them. But it’s so cute. I worried that William wouldn’t look the same too, but if anything it just made me excited when I got those glimpses of his “big boy” face. He looks so much older – and so goofy too! And Monkey is just gorgeous! And what a good boy he is, brushing that tooth! xxx

  4. 2aussiemammas Reply

    How did I miss this?? Yayyyyyyy Monkey!


    Also, Elijah LOVES mint – he even bothers me for some of my mint tea when I’m having it!

    Annnnd I think they have the same toothbrush?

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