Mood Swings in Pregnancy

As I near the end of my Pregnancy, it’s fair to say I’ve experienced my fair share of mood swing roller-coasters.

For me the mood swings came into force in the second trimester. I could wake up feeling incredibly elated and go to bed not wanting to speak to anyone.

At times I found the extremes of the mood swings to be very frustrating as I could see no obvious triggers. It took me a while to realise they just occurred as and when they pleased. I’m sure Kirsty rapidly realised this as well.

I have discovered the easiest way for me to manage my mood is by spending my time doing something I love, which is swimming. I have had to reduce my level of exercise since entering the 3rd trimester. But for me, 20 lengths in the pool twice a week is perfect.

So are mood swings Normal? Liz the midwife from Hipp Organic explains.

In early pregnancy you may experience extreme mood swings, but don’t worry, this is perfectly normal and it will pass. Of course, you may also feel wonderful, or not feel any different from usual, and that’s fine too.
Liz the expert midwife at HiPP Organic discusses this symptom in more detail and offers some advice

Mood swings during pregnancy are not experienced by all women but for those women who do experience them, mood swings may be explained by:
• Physical stresses
• Fatigue
• Morning sickness
• Changes in your metabolism
• Anxieties about the future
• Significant changes in hormone levels can act on neurotransmitters which are brain chemicals that regulate mood

Mood swings are most commonly experienced in the first between 6 – 10 weeks and like other symptoms often return in the third trimester.

What can be done?
• Get plenty of sleep
• Take a break in the day to relax
• Get regular gentle exercise
• Eat well
• Spend quality time with your partner
• Take regular naps
• Catch up with your friends
• Try pregnancy yoga or meditation
• Get a massage or other treats

When should I seek professional help?
If your mood swings lasts more than 2 weeks and you do not seem to get better you should speak to your GP or midwife and although rare you may be suffering from ante natal depression it is important that this identified early as it very often can result in post natal depression. Ante natal depression can be treated with counselling and in rare cases medication.

Did you or are you experiencing mood swings? What do you find helps you manage them?

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  1. Gin. Reply

    In a moment of hormonal rage I threw a piece of cheese on toast at Mister Mojo. This was week 37. I’m a bit of a gamer, so I really found playing my games in the evenings or cooking helped me manage my crazy. My second pregnancy mood-swings were a lot worse than my first though!

    • MytwoMums Reply

      hahaha *shouldn’t laugh*

      Kirsty is the gamer, so I imagine if I were her pregnant then gaming would help. 🙂

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