Moors Valley Park final adventure

We chose to spend one of our final full days of adventure with M in 2017 at one of our favourite places, Moors Valley Park. The time off over Christmas is one of the longest times we get all together as a family of three, so it was important to us to make the most of every minute. Illness and various things had got in the way of us getting out more over Christmas, so Moors Valley seemed the perfect location to take in the fresh air and just enjoy each others company.

We headed off into the woods with Beau and M racing each other, Beau having a slight edge on all races due to his ability to pick up an incredible speed towards the end of the race. It was bitterly cold and parts of the wood were covered in frost and ice, including a giant puddle Beau decided to leap in. We did have a chuckle as he burst from it’s depths shaking off large chunks of ice. He never stops moving though, so he was dry in no time.

Moors Valley Family

Moors valley adventure

Moors Valley Beau

Once we’d had a little wander through the woods we popped to the play park for M to run off even more energy (I have no idea how he produces so much), whilst I took Beau on a walk around the lake. It was so nice watching all the excited children queuing for the little train. I remember M’s first journey on the train and how we probably enjoyed it more than him that day.

Moors Valley Smile

Moors Valley M and M

Moors Valley Mama

Moors Valley Mummy

Moors Valley Two Mums

Moors Valley Runner

Moors Valley Race

As the cold took hold we decided to enjoy some hot chocolates to warm us up. Whilst waiting I shared a little snap to our Instagram Stories and got a message from West Country Mum (“are you are Moors Valley?“). Don’t you love social media! Two minutes later M was hugging his BFF, as they’d decided to blow away the cobwebs with a trip to Moors Valley too! I love how anywhere we go in Dorset we always seem to bump into someone we know.

Moors Valley Hot Chocolate

Moors Valley Friend smiles

Moors Valley Friends together

Moors Valley Friends

We were soon back in the car with the heating up high trying to warm up our toes, but full of smiles from the memories we’d managed to cram into our mini adventure.

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