Moors Valley Park – Getting Fit

We’ve always been clear about how much we love Moors Valley Park. Since moving to Dorset it has become our second home. We don’t let a month pass without a visit. Sunshine or showers, we don’t let the weather put us off. We’ve visited in every season and enjoyed watching the changes around us as we walk within the woodland.

spartan sticks

Recently we decided it would be a very good place to get us fit and healthy in preparation for an adventure we’ve decided to tackle next year. This year I was inspired to train towards a Spartan Race, but due to an impending operation I had to put all running (including Challenge 10) and various other high intensity cardio on the shelf. I was really disappointed that I couldn’t run without pain, so having something to aim for next year, has kept my spirits high. We’ve also decided to take part and raise money in memory of one of Clara’s friends who sadly passed away last year.


So the woods seemed like the perfect place to have a mini dry run of some exercises that are going to increase our fitness for a Spartan. The woods offer great off road running courses, places to practice climbing skills and several cargo nets. We also love how M can have fun whilst we improve our fitness. We want to be good role models for him and hope that seeing us exercise and keeping fit, will encourage him to look after his body.




walking man



running boy



lifting boy


climbing down

cargo net

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  1. Coombe Mill (Fiona) Reply

    gorgeous photos, you have such a happy little boy there enjoying the outdoors and I admire your attitude to the Spartan Race,keep those family exercise sessions going, it looks like it is doing you all good and thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids. .

  2. Maria | One Tiny Leap Travel Reply

    Oh I love your photos, and the park looks stunning. Well done for keeping up with it even though you can’t take part this year… It looks like M is having such a blast, he’s so gorgeous! x

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