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This Summer has flown by as we attempt to grab the last few family moments in the sun, before M heads off into Year One at school. As we’ve mentioned before, we both work full time, so M’s Summer break is split between helpful grandparents and Clara and I both using a day holiday each week. This year I took Monday and Clara took Friday which meant we were able to provide M with what felt like a bit of a long weekend.

We’ve packed in so much, in fact Clara and I said this is possibly our favourite and busiest Summer. We have had fun at Camp Bestival, been Kayaking, enjoyed Geocaching, visited family at a wedding and rounded August off with a holiday in Cornwall.

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It’s been incredibly noticeable that things are much more fun now that M is 5. He literally feels like he has grown up overnight. Holidays are different now as M stands and reads displays in museums we visit, conversations in the car are about space and the Red Arrows rather than singing nursery rhymes and late nights don’t result in massive melt downs the next day (well most of the time). We’ve also changed so much too.

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We both feel more relaxed as parents, we are fully aware that no child is the same and the advice someone offers up to you is just that, advice, and no hard firm rule. Our little man is growing up to be a very kind, considerate little chap with a wicked sense of humour and a desire to be the best he can be at everything he does.

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When I look back at our family photos from this Summer I will always remember this year as the year M stopped being that young little boy and started to become more understanding of the world and his place in it.


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  1. Nipitinthebud Blog Reply

    What a great summer M’s had, that’s such a good way to split the child care and lovely for you both to work a 4 day week. I’m returning to Me and Mine this summer after last posting 3 years ago (my E is the same age as M). We’ve also had a terrific time and couldn’t agree more with how fab it is having a curious, kind and funny boy :o)

  2. Let's Talk Mommy Reply

    That is awesome that you can take one day each week making that lovely summer long weekend for him. What amazing adventures you all truly have had this summer. Looks absolutely fantastic. So many amazing summer snaps here making me truly miss summer time. I love how adventures you all are and getting out there and making the most of summer time exploring and having way too much by the sounds of it too. Hope return to school went smoothly. Happy September. #meandmineproject

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