My Mother’s Day

Last year Kirsty and I decided we would like different days to celebrate being Monkey’s Mummies. I really wanted to celebrate mother’s day, so we renamed father’s day as ‘Mama’s Day’ for Kirsty and it works really well for us. We also thought M might feel left out at school when father’s day approached, we didn’t want him watching other children making cards for their dads and him feeling left out, this way he won’t have to.

I have had a wonderful day today and have been spoilt rotten. My day started with a lovely lay in and I woke up just before Kirsty and M came upstairs to wake me, it was lovely to see how excited M was about coming to see me, I felt really special. I had lots of kisses and cuddles, then M helped me open my presents. They bought me some new underwear (which is our Mother’s and Mama’s day tradition), some flip flops, The Great Gatsby on DVD (we are huge Baz Luhrmann fans) and a new case for my iPhone. I honestly didn’t expect so much so it was a lovely surprise.

Kirsty and M were tired as due to the clocks going forward they were up earlier than usual so they went for a long nap together. I didn’t mind as I got to spend some time talking to my mum which was lovely. Even though we’re living in the same house, we don’t always have time to talk, I think of all those who are mourning the loss of their mother today and I want to cherish the time I have with her. I would be totally lost without my mum.

Later in the day we drove to Castlepoint in Bournemouth, a huge shopping complex which we love. I wanted to buy M some shorts and t-shirts as the weather is starting to warm up and I love looking through all the kids clothes. It was also an excuse to grab some lunch out and spend some quality time together. We had planned to spend the day at Moors Valley Park but it was so packed we would have waited a very long time just to park the car.

We ended the day by taking our ‘Me and Mine’ picture. Kirsty had just purchased her new 35mm lens for her DSLR and wanted to use it, also it’s a nice memory of our special family day. I will always be able to look back and smile. Kirsty calls herself a professional memory keeper and I’m so grateful for all the wonderful memories she has captured.


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dear beautiful

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  1. Lauren Reply

    I love this photo, forget spring, it makes me feel quite summery!
    I’m glad you were spoilt on Mothers Day, totally deserved x

  2. mummydaddyme Reply

    Love this photo and it is very Spring like. Glad you had a lovely mothers day and that was Kirsty was on hand with her new lens- how exciting! x

  3. LauraCYMFT Reply

    Gorgeous photos. Good to hear you have been spoilt on Mother’s Day. Very deserving I’m sure. Best of luck in the MADs!

  4. Nic Moorey Reply

    a lie in is just the best Mummy present! What a terrific idea to have a special day each. Look forward to seeing your Mama’s day post in June

  5. Let's Talk Mommy Reply

    Love love this photo. Glad you had a fantastic mothers day and what a great idea to have kirsty get father’s day. I love sharing and balance for everyone that’s awesome. My friends do the same thing. Congrats again and again on the MADS finals.

  6. Cariemay Reply

    Oh that’s a gorgeous photo (and not to be too geeky but I love my 35mm lens – it lives on my camera and I take almost all my photos with it!)

  7. Chloe Reply

    Oooh, 35mm is a nice size, excitng! Great idea to have Mama’s day on Father’s day. I am rather fond of the title ‘professional memory keeper’ – might have to steal that one, hehe.

  8. Lucy Reply

    Ahhhh, gorgeous! And I’m so glad you had a lovely Mother’s Day.
    I shoot with my 35mm basically permanently attached to my camera, I’m sure K is going to just love it. x

  9. Super Busy Mum Reply

    Such a beautiful photo and I’m glad you had a wonderful day!! x

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