Moving House – A New Chapter

Yesterday we moved house. Our new house became my 9th house, C’s 9th and M’s 3rd. It was such a long day that begun at 6am and didn’t end until nearly midnight. Thankfully my sister was able to entertain M all day, so we were able to be fully hands on. This also allowed us to set up M’s playroom and bedroom for his return.


I always find moving house an opportunity to start a new chapter. C and are are currently living with her parents. But once we find something suitable for our little family, we plan to move once more. But for now, I see this house as a blank page for us, we can fill our page with whatever plans we wish. Although the whole packing and unpacking is not so fun. The excitement of a fresh new space to make our own makes up for it.



Our favourite part of the day was when M entered his brand new bedroom for the first time. His little eyes lit up as he recognised all his toys and his cot. He loves it so much. We are less than 2 minutes from a little park and are located very close to a nice walk by the river. I see good things at this new house.


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  1. NewMumOnline Reply

    Very best of luck. I opened this post with interest from email as we are thinking of moving too, but I am totally confused. It says: “C and are are currently living with her parents”. But says the house is blank? I am lost or missing something. Easily confused me 🙂 xxx

  2. Lucy Reply

    I’m so glad the move went well. I imagine it’s really stressful moving with little people. When we moved I got where we are it was stressful enough and we weren’t in a chain and were moving from rented so there was no time pressure. We’re hoping to move next year and I think it’s going to be crazy doing it with two people running around. Always worth it though, and like you say, the beginning of an exciting new chapter. x

    • My Two Mums Reply

      Thank you. We were very lucky my sister looked after M yesterday and has taken him out today too. It would have been crazy otherwise.

  3. Me , The Man & The Kids Reply

    Glad the move went well lovelies! Oli at 4 is on his 4th house & Dylan his 2nd! Hoping this will be our permanent one now until we finally take the plunge to buy. It’s all about what we do inside of them! I still cant wait until you guys have your own place so I can come and christen your sofa! 😀 x x

  4. Charlotte Taylor Reply

    Glad the move went well. I love the excitement of moving. Blank canvas. Fresh space. I felt like that back in January. I shed a lot when I move. It’s a great feeling. xx

  5. Lauren Reply

    Glad the move went well and that M loved his own room. I love how you have described the move in such a positive way xx

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