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Mummy Muncher is mummy to 2 year old Munch. She blogs over at Life With Munchers, where she blogs about all things family, style and home. You can also catch up with her on twitter on @meandmymunchie
I am a 31 year old mother of one little girl, Munch (2), who was born in 2011. It was the smoothest of journeys to get our little girl, but we got there in the end.

After a busy job in marketing for 7 years, I’m ashamed to say I really thought the stay at home mum bit would be a breeze. I thought I was done with all the career stuff. I’d got as far as I could in the industry I was in and well I love housework. The reality of being a mummy however came up and bit me in the bottom.

Munch was diagnosed with reflux, which meant every feed was a gamble. Munch required constant attention, jiggling and soothing. Going out and socialising with local mums was a terrifying thought and we spent most of the first year house bound. This wasn’t the best scenario for either of us. Living in somewhat of a ground hog routine, day after day. Only venturing out on the weekends when daddy could help and provide emotional support if we had a cry or sick situation. As for the housework, well any moment I did get during the day, I couldn’t stand the thought.

I got given the opportunity to work from home when Munch was 5 months old and I took it. Sacking off the maternity pay and only bringing in a couple of hundred pounds extra after tax. But for me it wasn’t about the money. I needed the stability in my life of doing something that I knew, as I found myself lost doing something that I didn’t know how to do in being a mummy.

What started off as working from home, ended up being a gradual return to a full time job. Munch attended nursery 1 day a week, which became 5 days over the space of 6 months. It was a nice opportunity for her to integrate over time and the amusement of nursery really helped keep her distracted on the reflux front.

Two years on both my husband and I are now working in a different industry, which gives us the flexibility for a better work/life balance.
As for me, well I’m now juggling being the career woman and a mother. Something I never envisaged I would ever say.

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