My Amazing Family and Me Book – Review

When I was little my mum and dad kept a record of my early years in a baby book. Being the second child it wasn’t quite as complete as my sister’s but I still enjoy reading the information they took the time to fill in. When C was pregnant we decided we wanted to do something similar for our little one. We hunted high and low and were unable to find a memory book that suited our family. Flash forward 3 years and a very awesome brand called Ugly Duck Books got in touch to offer us their very fabulous inclusive memory book.

My Amazing Family

My Amazing Family and me (£15.99), is the creation of Kat and Jesse, two very clever ladies who recognised a need for a book for all families. If you want to know more about the ladies behind Ugly Duck Books, they have shared their fab story behind the creation on their site. This very lovely book is now available in Waterstones, which is very cool.

About my amazing family

What we love about the My Amazing Family and Me book is that it allows you to write down and document your family without having to adapt the book. When flicking through other record books on offer, it became obvious that we would have to cross out many terms referencing the “dads” family etc. With this book, none of this is needed, you could record information about any makeup of family.

my achievments

My birthday celebrations

The book is great quality with lots of lovely illustrations throughout, which made our little man smile. We are looking forward to filling in all the pages to provide our little dude with some fab memories. It’s so refreshing to finally have a book where our family fits into the pages, no adjustments, we can just be.

We were very kindly send this rather lovely book to review, so do read our disclosure policy for more info on these kinds of posts.

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  1. thismummylark Reply

    I posted needing something like this a few months ago. I have a lovely baby book but half of it i can’t fill in so there are alot of blank pages as my childs other parent isn’t here. I feel its spoilt the book which to make me feel even worse was a gift when i was pregnant.

    I have considerd buying another which i could complete i just hadnt seen or heard of one that was suitable and applied to me and my son until now. Thank you!

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