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  1. (C) Reply

    Thank you my darling. As soon as I heard our song playing I started balling my eyes out 🙂

  2. Kelly finn Reply

    What perfect backing music, I’m crying with joy and happiness for you both! Xx

  3. Caroline Reply

    That was just beautiful. . Congratulations to you all.. it brought tears to my eyes xxx

  4. Hannah Reply

    You two deserve every happiness. I’m so so pleased for you both and dammit I’m crying again!!? Xx

  5. Adele-playful learners Reply

    Awwww that made me cry. You are both so sweet! Congratulations xx

  6. Sarah Reply

    Awwww!! Congratulations ladies x I hope you have an amazing second wedding, and love the fact that your first was the day my Little Man was born!! Gorgeous song too x

  7. Petit Mom Reply

    That’s so beautiful specially picking your special song 🙂 I’m proud of our country for allowing same sex couples to marry. Congratulations!

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  9. Ramblings Of A Suburban Mummy Reply

    Watched this earlier and cried buckets, even had to go away before I could comment!

    What a beautiful, romantic gesture. It just confirms why this law was the right decision and that it took far too long to be passed.

    Hope you have a fantastic wedding! x

  10. lucy at dear beautiful Reply

    Ahhhhhhh, I saw this earlier but couldn’t comment. But it gave me an excuse to sit and watch it again now (while frowning at the husband and telling him he never does anything romantic anymore. hehehe)
    It’s such a lovely way to answer, lovely words, lovely ladies, a lovely family. Just lovely. And I’m over the moon for your guys that you finally get to be proper, official wife and wife.
    Can’t wait to hear about all the planning for your Big Day: Mark Two.

  11. Zoe L Reply

    You’ve got me crying, you two are the cutest with the second cutest (obviously mines first) baby ever!!
    So glad its official for you two to marry, your the first people I thought of when I heard the news 🙂

    Goood Luck! x

  12. Lauren Reply

    Oh my! Why do these posts not come with a warning and instructions for us to collect tissues?! 😉
    This is just, wow.
    You two are amazing and I’m so pleased that you can finally marry and be official! YAYWOO!!
    Congratulations xx

  13. jenny paulin Reply

    OMG!!! that is just beautiful and i am sat here all teary eyed and a bit of an emotioanl wreck! thats just so lovely – congratulations tyo you all xx

  14. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    ok god now I am really sobbing. I can’t wait to see all your wedding planning. For all those people who were against the law being passed, they should look at this video and ask themselves why? Just beautiful. xx

  15. Kara Reply

    Thanks for sharing. This is beautiful as is your family.
    I have my hat ideas already. It will be a beautiful day. I am so so so happy that this country has finally seen sense. It makes me pleased for friends like you, for my baby brother and my children to see equality finally taking place for people close to us. X

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