My, What a bump.

Today Kirsty and I noticed how different my bump seemed. I am carrying very low and out front. Which most people familiar with old wives tales will tell you is meant to mean you’re carrying a boy.

Since Kirsty and I decided not to find out our little ones gender, we have no way of knowing how true this old wives tale is until it arrives in a few weeks.

We love documenting the bumps growth so we’ve made a little comparison pic.

Did you carry low and out front and have a boy? Or did you carry all round and have a girl?

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  1. Bex Reply

    My bump was straight out front, you couldn’t see it all from the back and it was huge. It was also a lovely little boy, looking forward to seeing how yours turns out!

  2. Gin. Reply

    I was a big round ball with both of mine from 20 weeks on – both girls. Beautiful Bump!

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