New baby clothes & Booties

So the magical 30 week mark is soon approaching & everything is being stepped into overdrive. Our little monkey is a lot more active now & it’s kicks & movements are getting bigger & stronger by the day. Over the last few weeks I’ve spent countless hours watching my little one kick & rumble it’s way around inside & I’m pretty sure I can now judge where baby is depending on the type of movement. I have a funny feeling that baby is either going to be breech or is going to turn at the very last moment as it is currently lying across, rather than downwards.

I also feel like I am getting huge! At my last appointment I measured at 29cm at 27 weeks, which is a little bit over but the midwife didn’t seem worried as the average is 3cm either side, so we’re told.

We think now that the bump has popped dramatically our family are really getting into it. My mum keeps buying little bits & pieces & keeps saying that she can’t wait to buy some clothes. Since we haven’t found out the sex she said she is going to wait until little one is here before she buys any outfits haha. I can only imagine what she is going to buy! Although she has surprised us with a few little bits including the most adorable little knitted booties & a lady bird outfit, which we will be taking with us to the hospital.

Kirsty’s parents have also bought us a baby grow which I am sure they can’t wait to see “buttons” in (this is what they call the bump, as it’s what K used to call it at the very beginning & has stuck with them.). They are HUGE Harlequins fans & they couldn’t resist buying it it’s first rugby outfit. I am also a rugby fan so I’m sure it will enjoy many an evening at The Stoop with us & Nanna & Grandpa.

Of course we can’t help buying little novelty outfits ourselves & couldn’t resist buying our Olympic baby an outfit to really mark the occasion.

We have also seen some Olympic themed outfits in Next that we can’t wait to buy. Unfortunately they are all gender specific so we will have to take bubba on its first shopping trip within the first month or so.

The nesting bug has well & truly kicked in now & I am looking forward to a trip to Ikea in a few weekends to buy some more storage for the flat. We’ve also started buying little bits for the hospital bag, however I am forcing myself to not wash or pack anything until I hit 30 weeks, which isn’t long but otherwise I am going to leave myself with nothing to do! Lol.

We would also like to say a huge congratulations to @mummyconstant (Twitter) on the birth of her baby daughter this week.

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