New experiences

I love new experiences and I really love experiencing things for the first time with Clara. There is something special about both trying something new at the same time. This month was all about ticking something off our summer life list. We have always wanted to attend a festival and got the chance to visit Camp Bestival at the start of the month.

It was so much fun and we loved every moment. Even though we were there as a family, it really felt like we were enjoying time as a couple as well. We danced to bands, looked daft in matching sunglasses and tasted some awesome festival food. We seem to be firmly documenting our relationship this year with selfies, but I don’t care, it’s real and in the moment.

sun glasses


camp bestival

camp bestival and castle

Even though we love doing things as a couple, we have decided to share some more indivdual thoughts and activities in new areas. We both have new YouTube channels, Clara not Clara and Just Me Kirsty and I have a new blog I will be writing over at please do go check them out, subscribe and follow.

Also don’t forget to visit Lucy, Becky and Fritha to see their couple shots.


dear beautiful

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  1. fritha strickland Reply

    love your matching glasses! I can totally get wanting to have your own separate outlets as well. I seem to be doing the selfie thing too, not the most original but I still love them! x

  2. Abi Abley Reply

    I love the yellow sunglasses! The convenience of having cameras on phones make taking selfies so easy. At least your relationship is documented, selfies or not. Fantastic memories to look back on.

  3. Stephanie Reply

    I am loving the matching yellow sunglasses!! Glad you had a great time at the festival, it is something I would love to go to.

  4. Donna Wishart Reply

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with selfies – you guys take great photos! Love the matching sunglasses 🙂 Off to follow Kirsty’s new blog x

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