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This month we’ve been geocaching as much as possible. At the start of the month I was a little out of action due to an operation at the end of April, yet my parents put me in their car and drove me round some of their local geocaches. I am super lucky to have parents that geocache, so I was able to pick up some finds despite not being able to walk far.

I’m not one to stay still for long, so I was happy to be back to geocaching with M a few weeks after my op. The little dude gets better every geocaching trip. He certainly has geocachers senses and can spot a hide from 100ft. It also helps that he has small fingers, so retrieving the logs from micros or nanos is easier for him.

He also has the most amazing memory. My parents take M geocaching once a week and he can recall pretty much every cache he’s ever been taken too. Which came in handy this week when I had an unexpected afternoon off. I decided as the sun was shining we would pick up some local caches.

The first two were pretty regular hides that didn’t require to much skill, but the third and final cache of the day was a multi. A multi cache requires you to follow coordinates to a location which then requires you to discover certain numbers to reveal the coordinates of the location of the geocache. I didn’t have a notebook with me as it was an unexpected day out, so I had to use my arm to work out the final coordinates. A short 5 minute walk and we were at ground zero.

geocaching fields

My favourite thing about geocaching is the places it takes you to. I love caches where someone makes sure the final location is somewhere of worth. Somewhere hidden off the regular track that offers something interesting to see. Just after we located the cache M spotted a little gate to climb over into a horse field. I checked for signs and discovered it was a public footpath which took you through a field of horses. M asked if we could climb in and I said sure.

geocaching fields

We stood just off to the side of the field as the beautiful white horse above decided we needed investigating. We both held out a hand and allowed the horse to great us first. It was pretty cool as we both made a new friend.


I’d love to read your posts about geocaching or see your geocaching pictures on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag the with the #geocachingkidsuk hashtag.

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  1. would like to be Reply

    I love that photo with the horse. Just gorgeous. We’ve done a little geocaching over the past few years and it can be lots of fun #countrykids

  2. Coombe Mill (Fiona) Reply

    Impromtu afternoons out are the best and it looks like you all had a fab time exploring the local area searching for some geocaches. It’s great that M is so keen to get out and explore with you, my lot would’ve loved geocaching if I had found out about it when they were younger. That horse looks very inquisitive, I bet M was so pleased when one came over to say hello to you both. Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  3. Island Living 365 Reply

    lovely photos and I think unplanned afternoons out are always the best. Geocaching is perfect for unplanned days as well. #countrykids

  4. onemanandhissprog Reply

    Your post got me to log in to the Geocaching app on my phone for the first time in years and it turns out there’s one a two minute walk from our house. I’m thinking it might be a good way of encouraging my daughter to get out and explore the countryside even if there aren’t any playgrounds on offer! #countrykids

  5. The Collage Queen Reply

    It’s always wonderful to go geocaching and I hadn’t realised about little fingers making it easy to extract log books but it makes sense. Perhaps our daughter will help us with them when she’s older. #CountryKids

  6. Merlinda Little Reply

    OMG we do this a lot! Just the ones around here and I am so surprised there are lots! I will definitely join this # and your photos are so awesome! #countrykids

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