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One of our closest friends, Kara from Innocent Charms Chats is a constant inspiration to us and recently started sharing the corners of her home. We felt inspired to share some corners of our new home and now that we are settled and the boxes are almost gone, I was able to snap a little bit of us around our home.

When we moved in we decided our little dude’s bedroom would be the first room to get fixed up and looking sharp. We’re not quite finished putting the final touches on to it. But we’ve managed to make it look nice for our little guy. We want to make a mini gallery wall on his largest wall and have used this abc poster from Ikea as the main focus. We’re going to print some lovely prints I’ve pinned to my wishlist for his room and also want to get some of our family photos developed for the wall.


We had promised M a dinosaur bedroom, but have had to improvise somewhat due to various bedroom furniture we already had. We got this gorgeous little lamp from Ikea and are super happy that it is totally kid safe. M can’t get to the bulb and he can press the lamp on easily by himself.


Our bedroom will be the last room we get looking how we want, but until then, C has put out some important frames we own, to help us feel settled.

bedroom ours

This photo sits at the top of our landing and was a gift to my on my 30th birthday from one of my best friends. She knows me so well and knew I would love this picture forever. We haven’t had it up for the last two years and I’ve missed it terribly. We now get to look at it every single day.


Our living room is quite spacious, with little to no surfaces to place things on, which is why it’s nice to have some of our favourite items sitting on our bookcase. This is one of my favourite photos of our little man.

washi shelf


This awesome creation was a wedding gift from one of C’s fab friends. I love it so much and smile every time I look at it.

mrs and mrs

Our kitchen is quite tiny, but we’ve managed to put a few personal touches in there. I am a big tea fan, so this picture is perfect for me.

tea time


This weather clock came with the house and adds to the old feel of our garden. My parents had a barometer clock when I was growing up, so these brings me happy memories to our new home.

weather clock

We hope you’ve enjoyed a peek at the corners of our home. Make sure you go check out Kara’s posts as she has some really interested items in her home.

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  1. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    It’s looking gorgeous guys- I love the Mrs and Mrs print. Congratulations on your new home.

  2. sonya Reply

    Ooh looks lovely! Glad to hear you are settling in well – still boxing up here, but I hope our new place looks as lovely as yours very soon xx

  3. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    I LOVE THIS POST. LOVE YOUR HOUSE. had to shout as that’s how I feel. There is not one thing in these pics I don’t like. I want all the prints. Especially the one in your bedroom that’s brill. I am so excited to see more of your home and maybe one day in RL too x

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