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I’ve always found it really hard to find new shoes I like. I begrudge spending lots of of money on shoes that will only fall apart after a few weeks, so I prefer to buy brands that I’ve good experience with. One of the company which stocks brands I love is Cloggs. When I first met Clara she told about her love of Converse. I searched high and low for a site which stocked a unique pair of Converse and found them on the Cloggs website.

vans from cloggs

When Cloggs contacted us a few months ago about trying a pair of their shoes I took the opportunity to replace a tired pair of shoes I owned. The selection on offer was fantastic and took me ages to decide. I wanted a pair I was comfortable in, could wear with most clothes I own and also showed a bit of my personality. I finally decided on a pair of Old Skool Star print Vans (£54.99).


I was really impressed with the shoes when they arrived. They weren’t flimsy, were brightly coloured and were a great fit. The only issue I had was wearing them in a bit as the back was quite tough and rubbed a bit on my heel, but I get this with all shoes and it’s resolved by wearing them for a few weeks.

star vans cloggs

M loves it when I wear my Vans as he thinks that stars are great. I also feel really confident when I’m wearing them as there is something about wearing colourful shoes that makes me smile. Also, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Vans, the put up with a lot of battering and never seem to lose their shape.

laces vans cloggs

The selection of shoes from Cloggs is great and offers shoes for all the family. They also hold really great sales, so keep them bookmarked to take advantage of some fantastic savings. I already have my eye on another pair of shoes, so will be making sure I get the best price.

*We were sent these shoes for the purpose of this review. All views are our own.

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