New Year, New Adventures

As 2017 came to an end we decided that the New Year would bring lots of new adventures. 2017 passed so fast with so many new changes that we felt we didn’t get to enjoy as many adventures as we had wanted to. So 2018’s goals were to enjoy the moments more and spend more time experiencing things rather than spending on material items.

What better way to set this goal firmly in our sights than by heading to our favourite beach with M’s new bike, Beau and a promise of a hot chocolate. The beach has always been one of our favourite places to visit. It brings us all together in a way only the beach can, whatever the weather.

Clara and Beau on the Beach

We weren’t the only family on the beach, in fact it was pretty busy for a cold and windy day. There were children on new scooters and roller skates, men trying out their new flying gadgets and many families enjoying a hot chocolate as they attempted to stay warm.

It was exactly what we all needed and filled us with fresh ideas of the adventures we wanted to enjoy in 2018.
Adventures on the beach

Beach with Beau

Beach hot chocolate

beach hot chocolate smiles

Beach Beau Hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate Beach

Smiling on the beach with hot chocolates

Bike riding on the beach

Bike smiles on the beach

Gopro bike on the beach

bike on the beach with M

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  1. Kara Reply

    Wow, he is so clever riding his bike. A & D will not come off training wheels, it is my mission this summer.

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