Nobody stared

Last week it was M’s preschool Christmas performance. We’ve been listening to his beautiful voice practicing Christmas songs for the last two months and were looking forward to seeing his little face up on stage among his peers.

As the day approached I started to think about this being the first event where Clara and I would be presenting as his parents, in unison. The room would be packed with mums and dads, grandparents, aunties and uncles and M’s Mama and Mummy.  Our attendance was just something we took for granted, as his parents there was no way we would miss his first step to stardom, but a flicker at the back of my mind, wondered if anyone would notice M’s two mummies.
We live in a very conservative area, we’ve experienced homophobia previously and would hate M to be singled out at his first ever performance. But nobody cared and nobody stared, well not that I noticed anyway. M decided the stage wasn’t for him and joined us in the audience to cheer on his class. Everyone looked adorable and all eyes were firmly on the super singers on the stage.

We are lucky to have found a preschool where M is just M. Nobody has ever commented on him being any different to his classmates, because he isn’t. He has two parents that love him more than they ever realised they could love someone. Which is all that matters.

Sadly I know there are many same sex family units that aren’t able to experience moments like this, without prejudice and I hope one day this changes. But I wanted to share the positive, to give hope to those starting a family with their girlfriends/boyfriends, wives or husbands. By sharing our experience, hopefully we can open minds and change views so that more families can enjoy events without the stares, where nobody cares.

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  1. Stephs Two Girls Reply

    I hope people do care… I hope they care enough to realise that he is getting all the love and happiness he needs, and that that is all that matters x

  2. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    This pleases me so much. I know when Addy was at preschool she had 2 friends with same sex parents and they had the same concerns. I will say what I said to them, it matters not, you be there to celebrate your small ones and everyone else can leave if they have issue xxx

  3. amanda egan Reply

    Love. Isn’t that all that matters? And he’s clearly feeling that. So hats off to you all.
    I also love the fact that he decided the stage wasn’t for him, he’d rather be with you both.
    Too cute 🙂 xx

  4. Donna Wishart Reply

    I am so glad no-one cared – it’s the way it should be. Sadly though, especially in conservative areas, it’s understandable why you had thoughts that it could have been different. I think as time goes by people will get more and more accepting and hopefully even the most conservative will start to become more accepting. There are a few same sex parent couples at LP’s school and I don’t think I’ve ever noticed anyone treat them different – they’re just parents. I hope M can carry on just being another child at school, the way it should be x

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  6. Sarah Cassel-Gerard Reply

    Brilliant! How lovely that you had a positive experience. Perhaps you would consider chatting to and maybe volunteering for Diversity Role Models, a wonderful charity who goes into schools to talk about different families.

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