Nothing beats a family BBQ

Family BBQ’s hold great memories for me. Every summer when I was young, we’d visit my Uncle Bob’s bungalow and feast ourselves on the best buffet BBQ in all of Surrey. Uncle Bob had one of the most interesting gardens too. At one end he’d occasionally put up a badminton net and at the other end he had a mini display of fabulous Bonsai trees, which always amazed me.


In the smallest room in Uncle Bob’s bungalow was a darkroom. Uncle Bob was a very talented photographer and developed all his own photos and even made them into slides. I often wonder if my love of photography was born in this bungalow. Years spent watching slide shows and admiring black and white photographs.

My favourite part about the summer BBQ’s was getting to spend time with my family. Everyone had such busy lives, but made sure that this one day was scheduled into their diary far in advance. The BBQ tradition began before I was born, it was great seeing how the family grew over the years.

As the family grew, the inevitable started to happen, as new lives were created, much loved ones said their goodbyes. Sadly a couple of years ago my Uncle Bob passed away. He was such an amazing man, making it into his 90’s. As the bungalow left our lives, sadly the BBQ’s became a distant memory.

Lives seem so much busier now, most of the family who used to frequent the BBQ’s all live spread out. So it was nice to be invited to my sisters the other weekend for a spur of the moment BBQ.


My brother in law was in charge of their new fire pit BBQ, my dad enjoyed sampling local Ales, my mum,sister and C enjoyed talking whilst M and his cousin scooted and triked up and down the garden. I enjoyed being at a long awaited BBQ, snapping pictures of those I love enjoying each others company. I can’t wait to keep up the tradition.




Do you enjoy family BBQ’s?

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  1. Cariemay Reply

    Oh that sounds like the best sort of way to spend an afternoon! We didn’t have BBQs as a child – although a few sausages tucked into a bonfire on the beach is a different question but for H it’s a summer-long constant – happily he’s great at BBQing, and I’m really great at eating what he cooks!

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