Nothing Prepares You

This week has firmly cemented us as parents, in our minds. That may sound silly to some, as we’ve been parents for nearly a year and a half. But having to repetitively say “Hi I’m M’s mum” lead us both to remark how much more we felt like parents. This week took us to the place you probably only ever want to be with your child when introducing them to the world.

M had been limping after what we thought was a fall or knock he had, due to his rough and tumble nature. But after a visit to A & E last weekend where we were told he was fine, we thought it was something that had passed. Until Tuesday afternoon when C rang me up at work to say that M wouldn’t get out of his pushchair to walk. Which is incredibly unusual for M as he is always running around at full speed. The next phone call I received from C, told me something wasn’t right. M had a high temperature and they were at A & E waiting for an X-Ray. Nothing prepares you for that moment, the moment you realise you are over 30 mins drive away from your wife and son who need you and you’re at work without the car.

Thankfully my parents came to my rescue and my boss very kindly let me leave to join C in the awful wait to discover what was wrong with M. As they were unsure if M had an infection in his hip or not, he was admitted to wait for a visit to theatre. On day two of his stay I was lucky enough to stay all day in the hospital, I say lucky, seeing my little man as poorly as he was, wasn’t something I would wish to see again. Our positivity was boosted by our twitter and instagram followers as we read the messages wishing well to him. Many still don’t get social media, but when you are stuck somewhere like the hospital, a simple tweet from someone gives you so much hope.

M was taken down to theatre by C for his hip fluid to be aspirated to check for infection. She was so brave, as nothing prepares you for the moment the little person you love so much goes suddenly limp in your arms as they are given a general anesthetic. Luckily there was no infection present and M was bought back to the ward, where he slept for several hours. On waking, he was like he was back to his original self, running round the playroom, squealing in delight at the toys and laughing. It was the best feeling ever.

M was discharged from hospital and taken off all antibiotics as they think they did the trick on whatever mystery illness was making him so poorly. Nothing prepares you for the huge weight that gets lifted when you hear those words “he’s going home!”.
nothing prepares you

Ward walk

Sleepy cuddles

Hospital Cage

Mothers cuddle

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  1. Steph Reply

    Poor little poppet 🙁 And poor you two, that must have been terrifying. So glad he’s on the mend xx

  2. Fi Star-Stone Reply

    Oh you poor lovelies – it’s so worrying isn’t it being in hospital? Even after all of our regular visits with Boo and Oz I still find it very hard.

    I’m so glad he’s feeling much better x

  3. sabrina montagnoli Reply

    I remember when I had to take my wee man to hospital and we were in Italy with the grandparents but my husband was away travelling and it was all very difficult for me. I was trying to hush him while crying myself when they put in a drip so he could get fluids through the night. So glad he is on the mend!

  4. Corrette Reply

    Glad M is ok & you’re back home now. It really is the hardest thing being in hospital with them, especially when only one mummy can stay. We had this nightmare when lg was 10mths old & unexpectedly ended up in A&E & 3 weeks later had open heart surgery 🙁 going home is the best feeling in the world. Take care x

  5. Charlotte Reply

    Gosh – you poor things. Glad things are on the up, so scary when they are poorly – the responsibility of being a parent is so great xx

  6. JW Reply

    Oh you poor souls – what a worry. So glad that all is well and M is on the mend

  7. mummydaddyme Reply

    Just commented on the other post then saw this one! But I am glad he is ok, and these photos are absolutely beautiful, raw and emotional x

  8. Hannah Reply

    So glad he’s home with you both and all better. As if those words weren’t enough to set me off those pictures just topped it off! I need a tissue, excuse me haha x

  9. Lauren Reply

    I’m so glad he is ok. What an awful thing for you all to go through.
    I think it’s amazing that you were able to get such beautiful photos from such a sad experience xx

  10. Earthmother Reply

    Oh, there’s nothing more heartwrenching than seeing your little one in those massive industrial hospital cots. Glad all is well.

  11. Franglaise Mummy Reply

    Hospital visits with your kids are just the worst – L broke her arm very badly (climbing) when she was 4 and had to stay in hospital for 4 days, it was so hard but the social media world helped me get through it too. I’m so glad he’s all ok now.

  12. Clarina85 Reply

    Oh I know this feeling 🙁 We spent a month in hospital with our little H this year and its utterly heartbreaking. So sorry you had to go through this, but glad he’s all better.

  13. nic@nipitinthebud Reply

    oh my that must have been so tough for you both. What a brave little chap, hope he’s fully on the mend now x

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