November 2017 – Home Life Project

At the start of the year I promised myself I would try hard to join in with Clare’s Home Life Project every month. Life has been busy this year and both C and I have had various things take up our time. I became a Beaver leader in April which takes up quite a bit of time and is something I love and Clara has been poorly with various bugs and infections for the last few months. All this meant we very rarely had much time in the home to capture our day to day.

But this month I was determined to capture a day, even if it was just a morning in our home. Because this month marks a year since we moved into our own home. It’s a month which will always hold such special memories and will always mark the time of year when the excitement of Christmas is building.

The morning I decided to capture was one I woke before everyone. I headed downstairs with my DSLR and captured a sleepy Beau as I let him out for his morning sniff around the garden.  After boiling the kettle I sat down to start my new book I’d recently picked up in Waterstones. Shortly afterwards I was joined by M who requested a game on the Xbox and being a gamer I didn’t refuse.

Home life project puppy

Home life project home learning

Home Life project happy

Home life project reading

Home Life Project breakfast

Home Life Project smiles NOV

Home life project gamer

I am going to try so hard to capture December next month, even if it means just snapping a day on my phone. But do go check out the link below as I adore Clare’s captures.

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