One big crazy family

This month has all been about family. We’ve spent time with family, cried with family, laughed with family and been totally crazy with family. We know that phrase you can’t choose your family is one we both used to laugh about, but right now, we are super happy for the family we have.

This month has dragged and we are quite happy for it to be over. Our family photo this month was taken in my folks back garden. I try and keep our extended family photos updated so that we have a memory of how much the little one’s are changing. This month M wasn’t have anything to do with his Mama and Mummy group shot, so I handed him the remote. Which he loved, but meant he wouldn’t look at the camera as the new gadget in his hand was much more exciting. Check out the gif at the bottom to see how many pics were taken.


Neither C or I are fond of this months photo, we look tired and washed out and emotional, but it captures this month perfectly. I couldn’t resist sharing a full group shot of our crazy family, there is no doubting we are all related.



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  1. Lucy Reply

    I know that you guys are probably really pleased to see the back of May, it hasn’t been a good one for you has it? But then I love how you’ve turned to each other and to your family for support in this tough time, and that is beautiful. x

  2. Ben Reply

    Sometimes it’s the photos that capture the tough times that give you the most memories. Your Gif looks remarkably similar to the process we go through 🙂

  3. Bex @ The Mummy Adventure Reply

    I love the crazy family shot! We never get the kids looking at the camera, I think as long as nobody is crying it can count as a success! I hope June is so much better for you x

  4. Cariemay Reply

    Oh I have so many pictures of Kitty death staring the remote because I’ve handed it over so that she’ll stay in shot – shall we say the gif was vaguely familiar!

  5. Becky Arber Reply

    Onwards and Upwards and wishing you both a more smooth sailing June. Your last huge family group shot is just amazing! Love it!!

  6. Lauren Reply

    I actually think the photo is really nice, and the gif is fab.
    The photo of your whole family is so so funny, mainly because of M smiling normally. ha! x

  7. Let's Talk Mommy Reply

    I love this month for you all, we were the same. Pointing, begging, bribery my particpants to smile and look at the camera. Buba was took obsessed with keeping his eye on the dogs and Mr P didn’t want to take photos and MIssy Moo didn’t know where to look with riding in the back of Daddy. Sometimes it’s so hard to get a family portrait but sometimes thats the beauty of the photos. What’s real, and how the kids really are shines through. So cute how curious he is about the remote. Bet he will be a great photographer soon and can take your monthly photos for you all soon too! They grow up so quick. #me&mine

  8. Corinne C Reply

    Haha! Typical how your little one is looking right at the camera and giving of a dazzling smile when everyone else is pulling faces!

  9. SAHMlovingit Reply

    Oh this post made me smile so much! And then I laughed when I saw the extended family shot – brilliant. I hope that June is a better month for you all x

  10. Super Busy Mum Reply

    That extended family shot needs a frame…STAT! Love it. Beautiful post ladies. x

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