One Marathon of a challenge

As I write this I’m fresh from the shower after running a tapering run, foam rollering and stretching in ways I never used to think I could stretch. I’m doing things I’ve never done before, Googling “best alternative to vaseline” and trying to convince myself that my gels don’t really taste like warm frog spawn.

It’s a week and a half until I take to the streets of London to join thousands of runners in the Virgin Money London Marathon and I am both excited and nervous of what lays ahead of me.

In the marathon

I have done my best to stick to a beginner training plan, despite Endo flare ups and various illnesses including the flu. My Google history reads like a who’s who of Marathon running and I am aware that I am still a total newbie when it comes to running.

Marathon vest

But I am finally getting the opportunity to take part in something I have wanted to do for about 30 years. Even if I never enter another marathon again, I know I have been bitten by a running bug that will never leave me.

I’m not going to set any records, I am well aware it is totally bonkers and I am slower than a snail in super glue, but I am proud to be taking part, proud to be raising money for the Stroke Association and proud to be showing my son that dreams can come true.

Marathon kit

The hugest of thanks to anyone whom has taken the time to sponsor me and a massive thanks to my super supportive wife and son for being understanding when I disappeared for three hours on a Sunday to get in a long run.

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