One year to go

This week is the week our local schools resume their classes and start a brand new term with shiny stationery and freshly ironed uniforms. It is also the start of a countdown we’ve been in denial about for quite a while. In exactly a year we’ll be waving our little man off as he starts a whole new adventure. An adventure he gets to take on his own, no mummies to hold his hand, to remind him to say please and thank you or even to give him a cuddle when he’s sad.

This year means so much to us, we have so many adventures we want to enjoy before M enters the school system. There are also so many skills we want him to master before he is overwhelmed by all the new skills thrust upon him. We also have a year to prepare him for the potential questions that may arise from being a child with two mums.

one year to go

As much as everyone else has to prepare their children to accept those from families they may not be aware of, it is also our role to prepare  M for those who are intrigued by our family setting. Those questions he may be asked that don’t intend to upset or offend, but may upset due to their tone when asked etc. M is already aware that some families have two mummies and two daddies, but also some have a mummy and a daddy or just a mummy or a daddy. He has a great way of just accepting that families come as they are and I know many families are raising their children to feel that way too. I really do believe that children are the best at accepting the differences between us all and if we nurture that at 3, by the time they are adults, we will have some kick ass adults ready to change the world.

Preparation for school does not just stop at preparing M for being a source of conversation due to having two mums. We also need to prep all those little things that will help make his first days at school so much smoother. I know not too much is expected of those starting reception, but we want to send him with the most basic of skills mastered.

Over the next year we are working on solo bathroom trips, he mastered potty training quite quickly, but still needs his mums to help with hand washing and tricky trousers. Shoes are something we are halfway towards mastering, as long as we go with wide opened shoes with velcro. T-shirts and jumpers can be removed solo, he just needs to work on getting them on himself and trousers and socks are still being worked on. I know many may say not to put too much pressure on him, but we actually turn it all into a game and never make M feel bad if he struggles.

So now it is just down to us to prepare. We have one whole year left as the main source of his education (us and Google). We are doing our best to emotionally prepare for that moment we hand him his lunchbox with a goodbye kiss. Each time someone tells us M looks grown up or says how tall he is getting makes us feel so proud, but also reminds us that he really is growing so fast. I love this stage, I really do, but I also want to freeze this year and take in every little moment of our time with the coolest 3 year old we know.


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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    LP was only just four and starting school next Wednesday. She can go to the toilet by herself but hasn’t properly mastered wiping yet. Just like she can use a knife and fork for meals but will get lzy and use her hands instead. She seems so young to be starting school but but so ready in other ways.
    Enjoy this year. Make the most of it and have all those adventures. It has gone so, so fast for us x

  2. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    I can’t believe it is only a year. Although He seems so grown up already. Addy still can not achieve everything I had hoped she would do.

    I feel a little worried about Addison being questioned about Grayson. I am sure it won’t happen for a while as no one will really know but that first time Grayson goes to her school for something I am sure it will come up. In hers eyes he is just Grayson. Much like for little dude he has 2 mummies. Addison is still so jealous of this xx

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