Our biggest change

If you are regular readers you will be aware that 7 months ago our rented accommodation fell through when our house was sold. We literally had no where new to move to and luckily had the opportunity to stay with family whilst we found somewhere new to rent. Except we couldn’t find anywhere to rent. Clara scrolled Right Move every single day and tensions rose as we started to wonder when we would be back in a house as our little family unit.

Then a family member suggested some new build houses that were being built. We had always dreamed of owning our own house but like many of our generation, working full time, paying rent and generally living life leaves hardly any margin to save a deposit no matter how much you scrimp and save. Until we were offered a shining light, I won’t go into details but a deposit became reality and soon we were putting out names down for a house and thinking positively that it would be ours.

New home

Then it was. We were told we had been chosen to buy one of the houses and we were over the moon. The wait for it to be finished took forever but on Friday last week we became homeowners. It’s been a long 7 months from when we moved all our belongings into storage, but trust me it was worth the wait. The feeling of turning a key in a door you own and can shut to the world knowing your little family unit is safe is the best feeling.

It has to be our biggest change ever, suddenly we are in a world of mortgages, grown up decisions and purchasing home related items that were usually supplied in all the rentals we lived in. On Saturday I took joy in installing towel rails on our walls, hanging hooks on our doors and filling our cupboards with our belongings.

Our little man is over the moon with our new house and has the biggest bedroom ever (there’s definitely room for another in there). We have always dreamed of owning a house and are just so thankful to everyone that has helped us over the last 9 years. This move was our 10th move in 9 years and I am so glad we finally found our home.

Joining in with Me and Mine for the first time in AGES because how can I not share that happy family capture.

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  1. MummyBarrow Reply

    This is such an amazing thing. The feeling that you are now secure, nobody is dictating when you might have to move again. Nobody telling you that you can’t paint a wall or put up a mirror. It is yours. All yours. And testament to you two that this has even been possible, the love and support of your family and sheer determination of the two of you to provide this for your small boy.

    I couldn’t be happier for you.

  2. Let's Talk Mommy Reply

    OMG that’s absolutely amazing what a great change. So glad everything is working out for you all especially for Christmas. clap, clap on becoming homeowners it’s the best feeling in the world. This Christmas will be even more special as your very first one in your new house! You never forget those! Bet little man is ecstatic too. #meandmineproject

  3. Louise George Reply

    Lovely happy family photo and so happy for you. How lovely to finally have your own home and to be able to settle in in time for Christmas too. Glad that your little man loves having a bigger bedroom too 🙂 #meandmineproject

  4. Lucy Reply

    Gorgeous happy family photo. And big congratulations on becoming home owners. It’s sad how hard home ownership can be for our generation now. We built a new build as newlyweds nearly 7 years ago, but three children later we’re bursting at the seams but moving was just an expense we couldn’t manage. But we’ll finally be in our new place from February… it’s so good to have a place to put down proper family roots. x

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