Our Christmas favourites on Netflix

Today our little man finished school for Christmas. Our Christmas festivities can officially begin and what better way to share my love of Christmas than by sharing our Christmas favourites on Netflix. I make sure I watch at least one Christmas movie a week during December and have gradually convinced M to watch the odd Christmas movie with me too. In fact I have a Christmas movie on whilst I type this.

There are so many Christmas themed movies and TV shows to watch this month on Netflix, so I’d love to hear your favourites if I forget to mention yours. But this is the list of Christmas favourites I will be watching on Netflix this month.

Christmas favourites on Netflix

Arthur Christmas – This movie follows the story of Father Christmas’s son Arthur and his adventure to provide a child with her misplaced gift. It’s full of tech, some jokes and has a feel good ending. If you’re looking for a Christmas animation this year then this is a good one to watch.

Outnumbered: Christmas – Ever since the Outnumbered series (basically about an entertaining family) began I have enjoyed watching their Christmas specials and I am really looking forward to seeing their special again this year. Netflix has a couple of their Christmas specials in their catalogue and will guarantee some good laughs.

The Royle Family Christmas special – The Royle Family was another TV series that followed the lives of a family. Watching their Christmas special every year has become some what of a tradition and one I can now continue thanks to Netflix.

Scrooged – When I first saw this when I was younger it scared me, but as the years have gone by it has become one of my favourite films to watch at Christmas. Anything with Billy Murray is going to be good! If you want to see a twist on A Christmas Carol, then check this movie out.

Home Alone – If you have never watched Home Alone you must not be a resident of this planet. I am pretty sure Home Alone is a rite of passage at Christmas. Kevin gets left Home Alone and the adventure begins. There is no need for me to explain the synopsis because if you have never seen it, stop reading this and get watching it!

Jingle All the Way – Doesn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger scream Christmas to you? Well to be honest I wasn’t so sure when it was released. But there is something about seeing him in the role as a Dad on a quest to find his child his must have toy at Christmas, that keeps me watching this movie time and time again.

Nativity – I love a British movie and one with terrible jokes, puns and break dancing school children is a total winner. This movies follows a bumbling TA and up tight primary teacher on their quest to put on the best Nativity play ever! Mr Poppy makes this film for me!

Do you have any favourites I’ve missed?

We are part of the Netflix Stream Team, but as Netflix users for as long as I can remember, we share our favourites because we love the service.

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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    I am loving the Christmas movies on Netflix at the moment – great choices! x

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