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Next year Clara and I will be looking for a new home, in a new town. Don’t fear, we will still be in Dorset, the county we’ve fallen in love with, but we hope to move somewhere closer on the path to our dream home.


Where we live has been great to us over the last 5 years. We’ve been able to put down some roots and see our family finally settle all over Dorset. We’ve almost every single family member living within 30 minutes of us. But it just doesn’t feel like a “home” to us. When we moved back in March, we were looking for a back garden, garage, two bedrooms, enclosed kitchen and a small but contemporary cloakroom.


We were lucky to check some of the boxes against our desired requirements, but other items had to be compromised on. Most important was finding a space for our little man to feel comfortable and be able to play without us having to move toys from room to room. This we were successful in finding, our little man has really settled into living as a three again.

But we’ve started to look to the future and it involves a move before our little man starts school next year. Like a lot of towns in Dorset, where we live is badly located for travel links. Buses are sporadic, trains are non existent and a car is pretty much a requirement. We want to M to be able to grow up somewhere he can jump on the bus or a train to explore the local areas and gain independence and confidence in travelling. Both Clara and I grew up travelling around local towns, visiting friends and popping to the cinema, we want our son to have this too.


So the search for our dream home is on. It will be the biggest move for us since we moved to Dorset. Luckily we are look at a town where our friends live, so M will have someone to play with and visit if he grows tired of our company. We’ll be looking for a two bedroom house, hopefully with a back garden and a nice spacious kitchen, but most of all we just want it to feel like home.

What do you look for in a new house?

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  1. thismummylark Reply

    Feeling at home i think is what i look for most when moving. Somewhere i can see myself living…cooking…playing with my son etc. Around the house too as in busy roads…areas to play. Good luck with your search

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