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So you’ve clicked this button because you’re interested in reading some LGBT posts. Due to us both identifying as lesbians, we’ve written a few. Our latest post “She is not my girlfriend” is about the importance of titles and why you should do your best to use the ones we use. We’ve been featured as part of a Stonewall award winning advertisement for Mamas and Papas  and been included in an Ikea feature all thanks to this little blog we began back in 2012.



Ikea living C and M

Clara shared her positive coming out story last year, whilst I shared what it feels like to keep coming out again and again. We shared  a great post about how LGBT visibility in the media is changing and listed our favourite must see LGBT movies.

We’ve shared the positives of two women in love and the less than rosy moments. We even vlogged some answers to questions about our relationship. Identity, homophobia and labels are subjects we aren’t afraid to discuss, as well as the importance of role models.

I wrote about the day I married my soulmate and the day she became my wife after we celebrated the equal marriage law passing in the UK.

We hope you enjoy your little journey through our posts, if this is your first stop on our blog, please do check out the rest of our posts where we share our family adventures with a fun loving three year old. Thanks for reading!

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