Our Mad Blog Awards Outfits

If you read our blog often, or follow us on twitter, it would have been very hard to miss our pics of our recent attendance at the Mad Blog Awards.  From the moment we discovered we had become finalists, talk turned to what we would wear.

I had a very strong idea in my head of what I wanted to wear and went out and purchased a blue tie from Topman. As the weeks drew near, I purchased my black trousers, White shirt and red faux Converse from Primark all for under £25. I had a very strong idea in my head of a cardigan I wanted to wear. But we couldn’t find it anywhere. Our search went on for a while, when eventually I spotted a gorgeous cardigan in River Island, it was perfect. As I was looking in the mirror I spotted some bow ties. My look changed completely and I was over the moon. In all my outfit came in at just under £100 and was one of my favourite outfits I have ever worn.


I loved the way my outfit showed that high street stores and budget brands can help you put together an outfit, without breaking the bank.

Clara’s outfit was much more last-minute. C was kindly offered a dress from Boden, but due to a very strong image in her head of what dress she wanted to wear, she asked if she could match a dress of her choice with a gorgeous pair of Boden Black Suede Wedge Shoes (£99) and a lovely Yellow handbag (£59).
When C put on her shoes, she towered over me. But I didn’t mind as she looked stunning. C’s dress search took us round many of her favourite stores. Many dresses were tried on and discarded to the “not what I imagined” pile. Our final shop we visited was TK Max. Clara took 2 dresses into the fitting rooms and after several minutes, emerged wearing the first dress. It was stunning, but it wasn’t quite right. Five minutes later, she pulled back the curtain to reveal, “the one!”.

I felt tears prick my eyes and goosebumps on my arms. The dress was so beautiful, my wife, the love of my life, looked amazing. We both agreed this was the dress and it was purchased at a bargain price of £50.

Both the Bag and Shoes, matched C’s dress, wonderfully. It was so lovely to see her looking so glamorous. Although I think she’s just as beautiful in her regular clothes.

It was so much fun dressing up for a night out. I hope the next event isn’t too far away. I already have an idea for my next outfit. We would like to thank Boden for kindly providing C with a gorgeous pair of shoes and bag.


*We received a Boden handbag and pair of shoes for the purpose of attending the Mad Blog Awards, all views and opinions are our own.

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  1. Lauren Reply

    These photos are AMAZING!
    I think you both looked fantastic on the night.
    The bowtie was a lovely touch, I’m glad you went for that rather than a tie. And Clara’s dress was an absolute bargain! It’s so beautiful and really suits you.


  2. Harriet J Reply

    Fab outfits! Clara’s dress is gorgeous, I love the ruffled detail down the side! I love a bow tie! We’re incorporating bow ties and braces into the groom & ushers outfits at our wedding next year 🙂 although slightly undecided on colour which is a bit of a nightmare!x

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