Our must have items for Camp Bestival

Now the title says these are our must have items for Camp Bestival and they are exactly that. Items we feel we couldn’t go without, but you may disagree, you may pack other items and that is great. Let us know in the comments what your must have items are, we would be happy to hear what you take. It’s common sense that you would take the vitals, like a tent and sleeping bags etc, so we feel there is no need to mention them. This list is the little extras that make our trip that little bit easier, enjoyable and help us out.

summer memories

Being bloggers we like to Tweet, Instagram and Facebook our favourite moments. That’s why our phones end up drained of battery by the end of the day. We’ve got a handy iWalk iPhone charger that tops up both our phones until we can find a charge point to get us back to 100%. It is a handy size, USB chargeable and packs a decent punch in battery charge. We always take our iWalk with us now, wherever we go, as you never know when you might need an extra charge.

One of the things we always used to fear when camping, was the toilet situation. This all changed after an eye opening moment at Brighton Pride. Female urinals were the in thing and everyone (the women at least) were using a fantastic product called a SheWee. Not only does the SheWee allow you to stand up to pee (so that you can go anywhere if needed), it also takes away the issue of sitting in grimy portaloos if you only need to make a quick visit. We were lucky enough to have one that comes in a handy travel pack and a quick wipe with antibac wipes after use and it is good to go. SheWee also make a handy product called a Peebol. This little creation helps for those moments where you get cut short. A car trip, middle of the night in a tent in a rain storm etc.

This is the first year our little man has camped with us, so comfort is key. We were sent a fantastic first ready bed, which was perfect to pump up and allow our little man to have a super comfy nights sleep. The ready bed rolls up into it’s own attached bag and takes minutes to inflate. We took our little man’s duvet to keep him extra warm, but you could also use a children’s sleeping bag with the bed.

One of the first things you will realise when you get to Camp Bestival is the site is massive! Little legs tire easily, so we were incredibly grateful to have a Brandon Wagons to use. We found many purposes for this awesome wagon, M sat in it whilst we headed across the site, we stored our bags in it as we had lunch and it helped us get our kit from car to pitch.

Did you go to Camp Bestival this year? Are you planning to go next year? What were your must haves?


We received these items to review. All views and opinions are our own.

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