Our time together

For the first two years of M’s life, he was all about his Mummy. M spent quite a lot of time with Clara in the first two years of his life and as expected, she was always the one he gravitated to most. I won’t lie, at times I felt it was something I was doing, that perhaps it was a biological pull of Mummy hormones or I wasn’t as cuddly or snuggly as Clara. But the last year has shown me that all that was in my mind. I just needed some more Mama and Monkey time.

Our time together has grown considerably over the last year. With Clara studying to pass GCSE Maths, M and I had Tuesday evenings to ourselves. This time was great for us to just spend time together on our own, on a regular basis. Since the start of September, my hours at work have changed to allow me to pick M up from Pre-school once a week. This has now become my favourite day of the week.

We’ve so many plans for our afternoon and I look forward to each week, knowing I get some extra M time on top of all the fun M time I get at the weekend. Yes I get to spend time with M after work, but there is just something different in our time together, compared to the rushed dinner, bath and bed that occurs most evenings.

Now that we have our time together, I’ve noticed our relationship change. M comes to me for more cuddles, we have our own little in jokes and we can make each other giggle over the silliest things. I know most of this is to him turning 3, which is my favourite age so far!

Our time together includes trips to the skatepark, fort building, book reading, marble run games and splashing in puddles. We fit all this into our little window after pre-schoool and before Clara gets home. We love it so much that the other night I just didn’t want our alone time together to end.

Our time

our time trees

our time scooter

So we grabbed our scooter’s and headed out to watch the sun set. We talked about the clouds that looked like elephants having a poo, we spotted red berries high up in the bushes and we laughed at the silly dog sniffing another dogs bottom. A very kind gentleman pointed out some wild deer for us in a nearby field, so that I could hold M aloft to see them. I took photos and then M took a photo of me. We scooted down hills really fast and then had a cuddle when M went a little too fast and parted ways with the scooter.

our time together 2

our time scoote

It was the best sunset I’ve seen in a long time and I’m so glad I had my son beside me as I watched it. Our time together, just Mama and Monkey, means the world to me.

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  1. Coombe Mill (Fiona) Reply

    Monkey looks like he’s having a great time with just Mama, it’s great that your building your relationship up. Sometimes it’s difficult to find balance between parents alone time with kids but it’s great you and Clara have found a way to make you both have some time with M. You can see by Monkey’s face in all the photos just how much fun he’s having scooting around in nature to see the sunset with you. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

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