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If you follow us on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, you will know that we’ve been at Camp Bestival this weekend. It’s been a fantastic weekend full of memorable moments and new experiences, so we thought we’d write a top ten whilst our memories are fresh. We will be spamming you with posts about Camp Bestival overthe next few days (weeks), so please do bear with us, but it really is such an awesome event that one post does not do it justice. So prompted by Fi from Child Care Is Fun‘s husband and Sian from Geek is the new chic, here are our best bits from the weekend.



Train of Thoughts – This awesome little ride was booked up all weekend and captured M’s imagination as soon as he saw it. But thankfully a very kind train driver made sure we managed a ride during a quiet period and I am glad we took the time to queue as M was enthralled. As you take a seat on a wacky carriage pulled by a tractor, an actor from Gideon Reeling joins you and runs through a fun and imaginative safety message, followed by some fantastic banter on the journey round the field. The ride lasted about 5 minutes, but the memory of M’s face as he looked at me afterwards and said “I didn’t let go once Mama” will be with me forever.


Dingly Dell Mud Pies – Last year we didn’t visit the Dingly Dell until the last day, which meant M missed out on so many fun activities. This year we made sure it was a priority and managed to make several trips over the weekend. Our favourite place in the Dingly Dell was called Lizzie’s Way, a lovely little area designed to inspire children to explore and play. M really enjoyed the mud pie kitchen area, which was brilliant as he’s always been a little wary of getting dirty hands, but he dived straight in. M also put on a little puppet show with C and acted out the story of A bit lost by Chris Haughton, which was adorable! It really is an area that can inspire the biggest grown up to use their imagination.

Chili and Garlic Bread – Last year we loved the garlic bread from the Garlic Farm field kitchen, so we were happy to see them back again this year. We had set ourselves a budget to only by dinners out, so we chose their chilli and garlic bread meal on our final night, which was delicious. My only request is two slices of garlic bread per portion next time!



Dancing with M until after dark – There is one thing you will do lots of at Camp Bestival and that is dancing. We are lucky to have a mini raver on our hands who loved throwing shapes to whomever was playing. Standing in front of the castle stage watching C and M move was such a special moment for me.

Stargazing – Before we went to Camp Bestival, I applied for some extra events that were going on over the weekend. One of these was a stargazing event, were you slept beneath the stars. Places were limited and sadly we failed to get a place. But we’d already talked to M about how exciting it would be and he’d obviously taken all this on board. So it made us so happy when we returned to the tent on Saturday night and he asked for us to all lay on the floor and look up at the stars. I love taking advantage of a great stargazing opportunity, so we laid our picnic rug down and looked up at the stars, my awesome family next to me, enjoying our own little slice togetherness!

Watching M with friends We are lucky that the friends we camp with, also have pretty awesome children who all get on well and look out for each other. Seeing how much M had grown since last year, was great as he was able to converse and play with everyone this year. The older teens and children were fantastic with the little ones and it really was lovely to watch them all rolling around laughing constantly!



Mini sleepover with M – This year we were lucky enough to be loaned a Soulpad Bell tent to camp in, which gave us so much space to enjoy compared to our mini tent last year. This meant we could relax and spread out at night and M was able to enjoy sleeping in his Ready bed. But C’s favourite moment was the night she fell asleep wrapped up next to M on our slowly deflating airbed. I headed out to a Silent Disco whilst they snoozed and was happy to see them snuggled up still when I returned. Not wishing to wake them, I slept on M’s bed and was smiling all over again when I woke to see them still snuggled several hours later!

Riding the Ferris wheel with M – Last year we didn’t get a chance to ride the Ferris Wheel as the queue was always so long and M wasn’t too patient. But this year he has learned that queues can lead to some pretty fun things, so Clara took M on at night to enjoy the full view of the Camp Bestival site. They loved it and have already decided they want to ride it again next year.

Corn on the Cob – Clara and I are huge corn on the cob fans and located the Cotswold Corn Roast Company stand, pretty early on. There was always a queue and you can tell why the minute you taste one. Have it plain with butter, salt, honey or chili flakes, it really is delicious!

Laying in the sunshine – The great weather we experienced all weekend allowed us to enjoy some lovely moments in the sun. We’ve all come home with a gorgeous summer tan, even our fair skinned little man is sporting a cute little tan (he didn’t burn once). One moment in particular was C’s favourite, as M and I headed off on an ice cream hunt, Clara took some time to catch some rays without the need to keep an eye on a speedy three year old. She said it was exactly what she needed.


Now I know I said this was our top ten, but Camp Bestival wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t camp with awesome friends. So number 11 has to be the laughs, dancing, guy rope tripping, cider sharing, swimming pool loving friends we enjoyed time with. We miss them already and can’t wait to see them again to share more fantastic moments.


As official camp bestival bloggers, our family ticket expense is covered by their team.

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  1. sonya Reply

    Syd loved the corn on the cob too! And we also spent some time stargazing – the moon was especially fascinating to him as it was so huge this weekend! xx

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  3. Fi Star-Stone Reply

    Love this! We loved all of those things too! Night swimming, raving to underworld with our teenies and their glow sticks, giggles and crazy conversations and all of the children just getting on so nicely – it was such an amazing few days. I’m rather sad to be back to reality!

  4. 76 sunflowers Reply

    Beautiful post! I bet the star gazing would have been freezing on the first couple of nights – so lucky to have those clear skies and views straight from the tent! The train of thoughts looked fab and we watched it chug round from Oberon’s Observatory. Love your pics and look forward to reading more – and hearing about the pros, and any cons, of a bell style tent, love the look of them 🙂

  5. Kara Reply

    We wanted to sleep under the stars too but didn’t get into it either. We did do some stargazing from the tent but it was freezing. Love M’s face on the Train of Thoughts, we watched it but never got onto it – a must if it is back next year

  6. Michelle Ordever Reply

    A lovely top 10! I especially love that you still lay under the night sky to star gaze. My son had the garlic bread – he said it was lush!

  7. Alice & Amelia Reply

    Love all of these! Didn’t get round to trying the corn on the cobs which I’m so annoyed about!! It’s really such an amazing weekend and loved reading all your favourite bits!:)

  8. More Than Words Reply

    This event always looks like such a great time! I wish they had one in New Mexico!!

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