Out more than in

There is no hiding the fact that we are a family that love to spend more time outside than in. As the months get darker and colder, we seem to spend much more time enjoying wet welly walks and exploring the woods. We have noticed that we are a much happier, healthier family when we spend lots of time enjoying the great outdoors and discovering new places to visit.


outdoor big smiles

outdoors holly

outdoors face

Our little man is amazing us every day, with how much he knows about the world and how keen he is to discover more. A walk round the woods is no longer us just pointing at trees or birds, it’s more about which type of tree we can see or the name of the bird we can hear. It’s really great being able to have a conversation about why the leaves are no longer on the trees or why it’s cold here, yet in Uncle Roberts’s country it’s not so cold (we even got onto the subject of northern and southern hemispheres).

outdoor eyes

Something else I’m glad of is how we are managing to capture family photos again. For a while I realised, aside from the odd phone selfie, we hadn’t captured too many family photos this year. I’m not sure why this was the case, but it’s been lovely taking the time to get us all in front of the camera. Especially when my use of the self timer on my DSLR makes M laugh so much watching me run to get in front of the camera.

outdoor selfies

outdoor smiles

Last year our family photo captured us in full Halloween costume, but have no fear, we’ve not lost our Halloween spirit. We will be dressing up tonight and making sure we all get in front of the camera.


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  1. Let's Talk Mommy Reply

    Oh I love the photos. Your little man is just absolutely gorgeous and always smiling. That’s a happy life right on his face. My kids are the same when we are out exploring and doing things. We all seem happier when we can be free playing and laughing and running outdoors. Lovely post.

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