An out of this world experience at Camp Bestival

This year’s Camp Bestival was epic in fact I would go as far as saying I had an out of this world experience at Camp Bestival. It flew by too fast and already I am wishing it was next year, but it was such a great weekend with family and friends.

We arrived on the camp site on Thursday morning just as some rainy showers decided to soak everything we’d packed for the weekend. Thankfully the rain decided it had the wrong time and place and was soon replaced by gorgeous sunshine. Tents were pitched, duvets and pillow cases were laid out to dry in the sun and the kettle was put on so that a lunch of noodles and pasta mugs could be enjoyed.

Camp Bestival tents

Camp Bestival Kids

My bestie Sian and I were invited along to a Camp Bestival launch party by Brancott Estate, which allowed us to kick off our weekend with some wine tasting. Though I am not sure you are meant to knock back wines as fast as I did, but they were delicious. Back at the tent Clara and M had already sampled some fab delights on site and enjoyed a little explore of the side of the site that opens on Thursday evening.

On Friday we were excited to get up and going after some bacon sandwiches at the tent. We picked up a lanyard, checked out the timings for the acts we were keen to see and got exploring. The sun was shining brightly already which put everyone in a great mood. M was positively bouncing at the thought of his birthday the following day.

Camp Bestival Flags

Camp Bestival boy

The layout of the site doesn’t change too much year to year which is kind of comforting, aside from the two GIANT astronauts standing watch over us. We knew where to head for the best food, best cocktails and best location to arrange a meeting point for friends. There is so much to see and do at Camp Bestival that there really is something for everyone. We enjoyed Scummy Mummies Show in the The Literary Institute tent, rode the helter skelter, ate corn on the cobs and listened to some fab acts on the main Castle Stage.

Camp Bestival Astronauts

Camp Bestival Family

As the evening approached we got M tucked up in his Brandon Wagon and headed to the main stage to catch Jess Glynne performing. Both C and I are fans of a few of her tunes so had been looking to catch her set. Sadly we left a bit deflated as she didn’t seem to whip the audience into much of a frenzy but it was still nice to hear her main songs sung live. Back to the tent, a game of Cards against Humanity, and bed was on the cards.

Camp Bestival crowd

Saturday morning was extra special for us as we woke to a 4 year old bursting to open his presents. We had spent the evening before blowing up balloons and hanging banners which were met with glee. What seemed like several hundred presents later we were back out on site doing what ever our birthday boy wanted. The art tent was a favourite of M’s. where he painted underpants from Aliens love underpants and even helped create part of a giant space mosaic.

Camp Bestival rides

Camp Bestival Carousel

One of my favourite moments from Saturday was sitting in a small inflated dome whilst a young lady talked about the stars and constellations in our sky, it was quite special, even if M asked to leave halfway through (we didn’t!). M and I rode the carousel together and then the Ferris wheel, which was a big thing for me as I hate Ferris wheels. I have a rather funny video captured which is narrated with “oh my, oh I hate this, OH god”. Clara’s mum, brother and partner had bought day tickets to share in M’s birthday which was really lovely, so he got to enjoy even more presents around lunch time, as well as spending some lovely time with them.

Camp Bestival Ferris

Camp Bestival Ferris Wheel

As the sun set we prepared for the act we had been looking forward to most, Fat Boy Slim. FBS was possibly the best live act I have ever seen and will never ever forget seeing. I think I moved my feet throughout his whole set and loved how he got the crowd bouncing and singing along. He really knows how to work the audience into a frenzy and leave you wanting more. Clara’s brother managed to get to the front of the stage and proclaimed it as his best live act ever.

Camp Bestival View from Wagon

Camp Bestival Snoozes

Camp Bestival FBS smiles

We were still buzzing as we headed to the tent before Sian and I went to sample the fun of the Silent Disco. The queue for the Silent Disco was bigger than any year previous with people queuing right up until almost the end of the disco. I always love the Silent Disco for the sheer uniqueness of standing in a big top in the middle of a field singing as loud as you can to music only those with headsets on, can hear.

Sunday was the first day we managed to get up and out onto site faster than every other day. I think this was spurred by the fact that we had decided to go on the World’s Biggest Bouncy Castle. The queue was only about 20 minutes long and the time passed quite quickly as the  kids raced each other across the field.

Camp Bestival Running

Camp Bestival wagon

Camp Bestival Brandon Wagons

The World’s Biggest Bouncy Castle was so much fun and was probably up there in my top ten Camp Bestival moments. Only 80 people are allowed on at a time and you got to bounce for 10 minutes for £3.50. With it being a gloriously sunny day, spirits on the castle were high and despite my fears of bouncy castle related injuries it was well staffed and best behaviour was shown by all.

Camp Bestival Bouncing

Camp Bestival World's Biggest bouncy castle

Once the bouncing was over we sampled some delights at the Jam Jar Cocktail bar, spent some time in the Dingly Dell (which we will share in a future post) and ate some delicious mac & cheese from Anna Mae’s Mac & Cheese stand. It was hard to believe that the end of Camp Bestival was drawing to an end, but I was also really looking forward to the fireworks.

Camp Bestival Anna Maes

This year as we had our wagon we stuck to the back of the castle path to watch the fireworks, partly to avoid hassle getting out after the fireworks and also at the request of CB. We had a great view of the fireworks but sadly couldn’t hear the awesome music due to where we were sat. But I made my own space playlist in my head and enjoyed them anyway because I love fireworks.

Camp Bestival Fireworks

Once the fireworks were over for another year we headed back to the tent for another game of Cards against Humanity, some ciders and a stroll around the camp site. It was sad to be saying goodbye to another great time with friends, but it was fab to have so many lovely memories.

Camp Bestival Friends

We are provided with a family ticket to attend Camp Bestival.

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  1. Fi Reply

    Love this post – another fantastic camp Bestival that’s left us wanting the next to come around fast! Your photos are amazing – I love the colours and the clouds!

  2. 76 sunflowers Reply

    Love this review and your photos – fish eye lens? We must have been sat near to you for the fireworks and we said the same about the music. Also I am sure I saw Sian on the campsite – but too shy to say hello – so was probably near you there too! How amazing to have a birthday to celebrate there too – roll on 2017 🙂

  3. mygorgboys Reply

    Awesome photos – looks like you had a blast! We didn’t make it on the world’s biggest bouncy castle but so wish we had faced the queues! xx

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