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We LOVE the beach, if you are regular readers you will know this. We live just over 30 minutes away from one of the most beautiful beaches in Dorset and are lucky enough to be able to visit it quite frequently throughout the summer. Now a trip to a sandy beach is not complete without building a sandcastle or two, which is when the fab bucket (£7.99) and spade (£1.99) from Scrunch comes in handy.

scrunch bucket

The Scrunch bucket does exactly what it’s called, we all know it’s easy to fill endless bags with bits and pieces for the beach, but with the Scrunch bucket you can squeeze it into your rucksack or just fit it into your boot around all the other things having a 3 year old requires.

scrunch spade

Now I will be honest, I did wonder how well a bucket known for it’s scrunchability would manage making epic sandcastles, but after major testing, we can confirm it does indeed help make epic sandcastles. It takes a bit of getting used to when picking it up after creating your castle, but with practice you’ll soon be making super sandcastles.


We were also lucky to be sent some cute little Scrunch moulds (£6.25), to create some sand decorations which kept M busy once he’d knocked down all our sandcastles. We’ve never really done any sand sculpting with M, so he was very impressed.

scrunch beach

The great thing about Scunch is I can see it lasting for years, which will make it a staple item on our beach trips.

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