The Perfect Nursery

When I found out I was expecting our little Monkey, I immediately starting dreaming of the perfect nursery. I had a vision of a beautiful white cot, with a rocking chair by its side, like I remember from films when I was a child. Soft walls with a large stencil of the date and time of our little ones arrival, being the main focus of the room. There is something about children’s furniture that just makes you smile.It’s one of the many joys of becoming a parent.

I remember pouring over magazines and showing them to Kirsty. Through the many tough months of my pregnancy, the thought of creating the perfect home for my little person, lifted my spirits. The nursery being the main focus of that home.

Towards the start of the 3rd trimester, I was asked on many occasions “has the nesting bug hit you yet?”, which I used to think was purely a myth, until it really hit me hard. Everyday I would clean the house and wash, dry and iron the tiny baby clothes. Placing them into the little draws in his section of the room. I remember being able to stand in the room and stare at all the little socks and babygros and it made me so happy.

Until recently, the visions of the perfect nursery for our little man, were nothing but dreams. We used to live in a tiny little one bedroom flat and although we created a section especially for him, it didn’t live up to my expectations.


However, Monkey now has his own room. He loves to go in there and play. We’ve used the furniture we had to create a warm and inviting space for him and although the time for a sweet little baby nursery has come and gone, we’re now very excited to decorate his bedroom to reflect his personality. Monkey’s favourite books have always been about animals and he loves bright colours, so a jungle theme maybe. We quite like the idea of showing the different colours and pictures to M so we can see his reaction. It is his room after all. Books are a huge part of our life and I have an image of a little Monkey sized small bookcase (maybe with a little growing room) which he can sit by and look through his stories and picture books.

What was the joy of pregnancy has now become the joy of parenthood. Who knew children’s furniture had such a large part to play in making those wonderful memories.

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  1. lucy Reply

    I used to spend hours in the nursery when I was pregnant with my little Dollop. I’d open the drawers and stare at the tiny clothes, and I was incapable of imagining how we would get to have a person to fit into them.
    I think it’s lovely that you get to plan a room which really suits Monkey. We are making a shared room work for our two at the moment, and it’s lovely and so them. But we’re hoping to move next year and it will be so lovely to plan rooms for them individually. x

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