Perfecting the Army Crawl

Last night we moved in to a new home to start a new chapter in our lives. The home we were living in previously was nice and cosy but didn't really offer somewhere for M to lay or sit on the floor. Our front door opened straight on to the living room, so even with lots of mopping and hoovering, we always felt it was too grimy to let a baby learn to crawl on.

The new house has a gorgeous carpet in our main living area and rugs throughout the rest of the house. Which means M gets to sit and play on the floor as much as his heart desires. This afternoon whilst I was home on lunch we decided to pop M on his tummy for some turtle time (so called as he usually rocks around like an upturned turtle) I thought it was worth a shot to see if he'd attempt to move across the floor to me. I knew I wasn't going to be good enough, so I grabbed one of his favourite items, the TV remote.


Perfecting the Army Crawl -

I wasn't expecting him to move far, he'd shown signs of shuffling before but he usually gets frustrated and moans. But this time was different, after a few seconds he decided he was going to get the remote but any means he could. Which involved his own version of an Army crawl, shuffle and drag he made it to the remote. A happy to say I captured it on my camera and have popped it below. I was so glad I was their to see him master his first proper mobile moment.

When I got in from work this evening, M decided he wasn't done showing off his new skills. Whilst playing on the floor and practicing standing whilst holding my hand, he took one step back, shook off my hand and stood on his own for at least 35 seconds. I was so happy I got a little emotional, which spooked M, but he gave me a little cuddle to celebrate. I'm so amazed with each new thing M does, I have no idea when these milestones are meant to be reached but he's doing it in his time, when he's ready and I'm totally happy with that.


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  1. Tee Mac Reply

    What a clever boy! I used the TV remote to get Elijah to move too hahaha!

    If he stood that long on his own already, he might decide to skip crawling all together 😉

    Either way, your attitude is fantastic. He’s thriving and happy and developing beautifully, there’s no need to worry about ticking boxes and making comparisons – if I’ve learned anything in the last 8 months, it’s that our children do what they want, when they want 😉

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  3. Jaime Oliver Reply

    YAY!! i love his little face with concentration while belly shuffling to the remote! this certainly is a fab #magicmoment ! thanks for linking up x

  4. sarahhillwheeler Reply

    He’s adorable – I love the look of concentration (and then something else gets his interest) so good that you got it on video too.

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