Pick your own pumpkin at Sopley Farm

Last year we started a pick your own pumpkin tradition with our friends. We visited Sopley Farm with them and enjoyed it so much that we arranged to visit again this year. Both our boys are the same age and are quite content when racing around discovering pumpkins, which is really nice to see. It also means we get to chat and catch up whilst they compete to find the biggest pumpkin.

Pumpkin Family

Pumpkin field
The pick your own pumpkin patch at Sopley Farm is huge and had even more pumpkins than last year. It wasn’t hard to pick the pumpkins we wanted to take home to carve and in fact we ended up putting some back as there were SO many great ones to chose from. We bought the boys some rather awesome pumpkin cookies from the farm shop and enjoyed snapping photos of them jumping and giggling among the gorgeous orange.
Pumpkin patch smiles

King of the pumpkins

We even got involved with the fun, plus made sure we took plenty of family and group photos as it is so nice to capture our annual traditions. I love seeing how much the boys have grown in our group shots.

playful pumpkins

pumpkin biscuits

I adore this picture of our little pumpkin kings. I wonder how many years we can keep them posing for us.

pumpkin pals

Family of pumpkins

Pumpkin patch and friends

We ended up having a fab couple of hours, the sun shone despite it pouring as we arrived, we laughed lots, got muddy and now have two fab pumpkins to carve. If you can get to a pick your own pumpkin patch this year, then do, it’s great to support a local business. If you don’t have one local, make a day trip out of it. You can’t beat a pumpkin you have picked yourself!

Pumpkins and puddles

Have you been sharing lovely pumpkin patch pictures on Instagram? Leave us your usernames in the comments below, we would love to take a look.

Country Kids

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  1. Emma Reply

    Brilliant photos, I love the skies, and of course the group shots. Long may they continue. #CountryKids

  2. Helena “TheQueenofCollage” Ash Reply

    What a fantastic tradition you have there. #CountryKids

  3. Coombe Mill (Fiona) Reply

    I love all your Pumpkin photos. It looks like you had such a fun time and lovely to go as a group too and for the boys to be able to play together. I am really enjoying seeing all the pumpkin posts these last couple of weeks. I only feel sad that I have yet to find one in Cornwall.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely afternoon on #CountryKids

  4. Louise George Reply

    Beautiful photos of your trip to the pumpkin patch. It’s so lovely to see everyone’s pumpkin patch photos at this time of year. That photo of your boys sitting on top of the pile of pumpkins is just gorgeous 🙂 #countrykids

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