Picking our pumpkin for Halloween

A couple of years ago we started a tradition where we visited our local PYO farm to pick our pumpkin for Halloween. We had a lovely time each visit, so we planned to visit every year as M grew. The tradition took a break last year though due to a mega busy calendar, so this year we made sure we kept a day free to visit.

The day we chose to visit ended up being a glorious sunny day, which was a big change from the wet and windy weather we’d been having. So we were looking forward to getting to the farm to take our time picking our pumpkin. On arrival it became apparent that the rest of Dorset had decided it was the perfect day to pick their pumpkin, as we struggled to locate a parking space.

Smiling with the pumpkin

Pumpkin lifting

Instagram and trends of visiting pumpkin patches has certainly drawn in the crowds, with the farm adding a play area and coffee van to increase appeal for those visiting. Unfortunately the card machine was down when we visited, so I wasn’t able to buy a coffee as the only cash I had on me was for the pumpkin, but what was on offer looked great and made me wish I’d taken more cash.

With the little pumpkin

Smiles with the pumpkin

Due to how busy the farm was we weren’t able to find an empty wheelbarrow or sled to take to the field to help us carry our picked pumpkins. This helped make our decision on how large a pumpkin we would pick as we were conscious we’d have to carry it all the way back to the car.

Mini pumpkin knobbly

Picked the pumpkin

As we got to the field we were a bit disappointed by how empty the field was, I think a combination of the good weather and the popularity of pumpkin patches now, meant that more were being purchased. This is great news for the farm though as it is fab to support a local business and with many farms ordering truck loads of pumpkins grown in other areas, just to make their fields instagram worthy, it is nice to know this farm grows all their own pumpkins.

Pumpkin patch picking

Levitating pumpkin

Family Pumpkin Patch

Chose the knobbly pumpkin

Big pumpkin with bobbles

Best pumpkin picker

As we headed away from the crowds we managed to find some really great pumpkins and let M chose his favourite. He took a while going back and forth between several different ones before settling on his final decision. After we’d purchased our pumpkin, M had a quick play on the play area and we headed off to enjoy the sun at a local garden centre.

We will certainly keep up our tradition, but I think it would be interesting to visit other pumpkin patches next year.


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