Picnic with Rebel Kitchen Mylk

As parents we feel it’s our responsibility to ensure the majority of things we get our son to eat, are healthy. We’ll be honest, he does eat the odd chocolate bar and share my milkshakes, but we do our best to ensure he has a good diet. Something we’ve recently discovered is Rebel Kitchen Mylk and it’s so good that you could be forgiven for thinking it falls under the naughty food group. But it doesn’t, at all. We enjoyed a lovely picnic with our Rebel Kitchen Mylk recently and were super impressed with how much M loved them. Because to be honest he is incredibly fussy and hard to please.


We were sent 6 cartons of Rebel Kitchen Mylk in two sizes, perfect for M and I (C is not a fan of any kind of milk). M was given Chocolate, Banana and Orange Choc and I had Matcha Green Tea, Chai and Chocolate. We both drank the chocolate as soon as it was chilled, so no pictures were snapped, apart from this instagram shot. But trust me the chocolate is delicious and actually my favourite. M preferred the Orange Choc, but the chocolate was a close second. The Mylks are all dairy free and contain no additives and no preservatives.



Rebel Kitchens main mission is to make healthy snacks taste delicious, so that we can all enjoy a nutritious option that is pleasing to our taste buds. They have certainly achieved this with their Mylk range. The only flavour I wasn’t a fan of was the Chai Mylk and that is purely down to personal preference, as I’m not a fan of spices in my drinks. M knocked back each drink as though he’d just discovered the best drink in the world.

Each drink is lactose-free and suitable for vegans, vegetarians or those on a dairy-free diet. All of the drinks are made with a base of coconut milk which is then blended with pure spring water from Somerset. The coconut milk is a very subtle flavour and is smooth enough to feel almost like a traditional milk drink. You won’t find any refined sugar in these bad boys, as Rebel Kitchen use dates to naturally sweeten their drinks. I would have never considered this before, but it sweetens them perfectly. There is also a handy Nutrition page to share all the information about the good things inside a Rebel Kitchen Mylk drink.


You can buy these online in packs of 3 from £2.95. I can’t wait until my local stores stock them as I have developed a love of the Chocolate flavour.


*We were sent these for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are our own.

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  1. Life With Munchers Reply

    Like the look of the banana one! Not too keen on spices either, so would side step that one!

  2. Kiddy Reviews Reply

    It’s so nice to see a great tasting product for people that can’t enjoy regular dairy milkshakes. Thanks for sharing on #britmumsreviews!

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