Pizza night with Netflix

Did you know there was a National Pizza Day? To be honest lately there seems to be a National Day for everything, but a Pizza Day is a Day M can get on board with as he LOVES pizza. The folks at Netflix love Pizza too, so they sent us a voucher to get some pizza ingredients to enjoy whilst watching our favourite shows.

M loves his pizza nice and simple, so we picked up some bases, grated cheese and a passata and let him create his own. He did an awesome job and chose to watch Skylanders Academy whilst he enjoyed his pizza. M is also loving Pokemon, Paw Patrol and Ninjago.

Pizza and Netflix

Skylanders on netflix

Clara and I are making some healthy lifestyle changes lately, so we passed on the pizza, but we have been enjoying some Netflix binges recently. We finished Orange is the new black season 5 in a couple of days, You Me Her season 2 in a week and  started watching The Keepers.

pizza party

Since we’ve been using our Google Home our Netflix viewing has got even easier as we can think of something to watch and ask Google Home to play it without even lifting up a remote control. This also means M is often heard shouting “OK GOOGLE PLAY PAW PATROL ON NETFLIX”.

What are you watching on Netflix right now? Any suggestions for our next binge? We are always keen to discover new time sappers.

This post was written as part of our membership in the Netflix Stream Team which now sadly comes to an end. But we are huge lovers of Netflix, so you can still expect to read about our favourites and what we’ve been watching.

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  1. Mrs TeePot Reply

    mmmm pizza!
    My Netflix faves are The OA and Riverdale. I’m currently binging Supernatural from the start though, I saw the first 4 or so seasons back in the day but nothing since. 9 seasons on Netflix so I am IN!

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