Postnatal Hair Loss

Before I had Monkey I suffered with a yeast infection on my scalp. I think the infection runs in my family on the female side, as my Mum also suffers from the same thing and my Nan has awful psoriasis. It causes dreadful dandruff and I have been known to make my scalp bleed from itching so much.

When I became pregnant I was delighted to discover that my symptoms seemed to almost completely disappear. My hair (which has always been very full and thick, despite the infection) seemed to shimmer and felt really strong and healthy. There are even rare pictures of me with my hair down between the months of November 11 – July 12, I was so happy with it.

Postnatal Hair Loss

Since having Monkey however, it’s all gone down hill. A few weeks ago I noticed that I was cleaning my hairbrush every day, and as my dear wife put it, the bath tub looked like Cousin It from the Adams Family had been murdered when I got out of the shower. I have even on occasion pulled whole clumps of hair from my head, without force.

I started to get worried that I was going to loose all of my hair so I asked my Mum. She explained how she had bald patches after having my older brother. I didn’t want to sound silly at the doctors so I hit Google and discovered this is a very common condition called Postnatal Hair Loss.

A woman looses on average 100 hairs a day and during pregnancy the increase in hormones slows down this loss, leaving the hair looking thicker and healthier, so when the hormones settle down, the hair falls out. I have never heard of this before!

I hope my hair loss won’t be as extreme as my mothers and that it calms down soon. My hair is back in its up position so hopefully it won’t be too noticeable. I know my wife will love me either way, so I’m not too bothered but it’s always scary when you don’t know the cause.

Have you or anyone you know experienced Post Natal Hair Loss?




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  1. Hayley Reply

    Yep! And like you I was worried at first. It’s something you don’t get told by the midwife or GP and when it happens its terrifying! I have insanely thick hair normally and mine thinned right out! Saved the hairdresser the job for a few months. I used to wash my hair and then need to peel all the hairs off my back! And my pillow would be COVERED in the mornings too!

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