Since entering the third & final trimester I feel like I have become a big walking pregnancy cliche.

Kirsty & I saw ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ the other week & I could completely sympathise with Elizabeth Bank’s character Wendy, for those of you who have seen the film you’ll know exactly what I’m on about, for those of you that haven’t I will explain (Go & see it if you can!)

I am no longer able to stand up from a chair without my wife’s assistance or without pushing my hips & bump out first.

I moan & groan all night tossing & turning.

I have the unmistakable pregnancy waddle when I walk, which will only get worse as I get bigger.

I have no control of gas, I belch like mad! Not very attractive, I know.

Feeling like I need to wee every 15 mins but don’t actually go!

I only have to look at bread to get heart burn.

My hormones are all over the place! There is one memorable line from the film that I can completely relate to – “Honey, I love you, but all I want to do is punch you in the face!” – One minute I love Kirsty more than ever & the next I find her completely irritating but I don’t know what she’s done wrong. Luckily she doesn’t rise to it – much lol.

I also find myself holding back tears over stupid things, like adverts or if I see a new born baby.

I also wake up thinking about the craving of the day & if I don’t have it that day, I think about it everyday until I get it. I’m being good though & not giving in easily. I’m not eating for 2! Lol

The only place I feel completely at ease is in the swimming pool. I love to swim & it keeps me cool & supports my bump, which feels amazing! I know once baby is here we’ll go once a week to de-stress together.

Would love to hear some of your pregnancy symptoms, whichever stage of pregnancy you are at.


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