Pregnancy Hospital Bag and Checklist
Everyone is different when it comes to preparation for your baby’s arrival. We wanted to pack my Pregnancy hospital bag at 30 weeks, but time got the better of us. Now it’s finally packed at 35 weeks.
We spent weeks reading baby sites, blogs and watching vlogs on YouTube to help us pack the perfect bag for baby and I. We use the term perfect lightly. I’m sure there will be items I don’t use and will think they are redundant once baby is here. But that’s for another post.
I have packed one large suitcase for baby and I, I also have a Changing bag and bag for K.
We will write an additional post about K’s bag for those interested in packing a bag for their partner.
Hospital Bag Contents

Main Suitcase
Widgey Pillow – Great for Nursing
Two Flapjacks – To keep energy up and possible snack once baby born
Pack of Sesame Crackers – To keep K’s energy up
Glasses – I want to be able to see baby
Two packs of Maxi pads – It was suggested that these would help with bleeding after birth
Breast pads
Throw away knickers – For during labour or after
Zip lock bags – To keep any soiled washing away from clean clothes
Sudoku and Pen – I imagine I will not get a chance to use these, but just in case
Two packs of anti bac wipes and one of baby wipes – To keep me fresh during labour
Two packs of Andrew toilet wipes – Have seen these recommended for use after labour for *sore bits*

Toothpaste and toothbrush
Kindle, iPad and chargers
Lip balm – Have heard lips can get dry during labour
Shower gel and shampoo
Birthing plan

Hospital Bag

Three Pyjama tops
Two pairs of pyjama bottoms – Got larger size than normal so they weren’t restricting on tummy
Bikini top – Am hoping for a water birth
3 pairs of socks
Comfy dressing Gown
Change of clothes for trip home

5 Muslins – For all kinds of baby spills
4 Pairs of leggings
4 Baby grows
4 Sleep suits
4 Pairs of socks
2 Soft Hats
1 Gorgeous Cotton Monkey Trouble hat from GurgleBox
3 Pairs of scratch mitts
3 Bibs
1 Pair of Booties
2 Cardigans

*Our hospital is near a main town centre with a Mothercare, so if we need anything else K can get it.

Changing Bag
Bag of Cotton wool Balls – For nappy changes
Pack of nappies – Size one
Changing mat
Small comforter – K likes this so it’s been packed
Trial nappies – Received free in magazines so thought we’d use them up

There are some extra items we haven’t purchased yet that will be going in but we think we’ve covered the essentials.
When did you pack your Pregnancy Hospital bag? What essentials have we missed? What didn’t you use from your Hospital bag?


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  1. Bex Reply

    I love the little hats you have for the baby! Looks like you have most things covered though – don’t forget a camera! x

  2. Leopard Print Mommy Reply

    aww such cute outfits. You seem to have it all covered! My must haves were dry shampoo and hairband, my hair was all over the shop and dry shampoo was my savior on the ward once harry was here 🙂 and yep, don’t forget your camera like i did 🙁 was gutted and my phone battery died and i had no charger, hence hardly any pics of little man in his 1st few hours. x

    • MytwoMums Reply

      Thank you 🙂

      Luckily K is such a photography and gadget geek. She will have a Flip Camera, Digital camera and her iPhone for pictures lol.

      I might have to look for some Dry shampoo thanks.

  3. MamaDragon Reply

    Looks like you are super well prepared! My only advice I could offer is those disposable pants… are so so uncomfortable. I bought pants in like x – large from the cheapest places I could, and just threw them away. I think once I bought 5 pairs from asda for 2 pounds, cheap, and cotton! 😀 Good luck, and can’t wait to hear the good news of your newest little family member.

  4. lucy at dear beautiful boy Reply

    Seems like a great bag to me. The only other things I’d suggest is slippers, because if you have to stay on the ward then you may have a little walk to the toilets that you won’t want to do barefoot.
    And I would really recommend the proper maternity pads for the bleeding you get immediately after birth. They are really thick, but believe me, you may well be glad of the cushioning. And I was told that there is a certain chemical in normal sanitary towels that can irritate the very sore and delicate skin, which isn’t in the maternity pads. I think I used them for about a week before transferring to normal sanitary towels. Just something worth thinking about.
    I would also agree with the comment on buying cheap large knickers rather than the disposable ones, because they really are so uncomfy and all you’ll want is comfort.
    Good luck. So exciting. x

    • Mytwomums Reply

      Thanks, I’m not a big slipper fan so I have packed flip flops lol

  5. PetitMom Reply

    We werent allowed to use the baby wipes in the hospital so my OH ran off to buy cotton balls so keep them close as will use them for washing baby for the first time too.

    • Mytwomums Reply

      Thankfully we have lots of baby wipes and just got some Cheeky wipes to use as well.

      Hoping we have enough lol

  6. Ali Reply

    Love your blog! Looks like you have every eventuality covered! One thing I used during my labours which I wouldn’t have been without was water spray (just got a couple of cans of cooling spray from Boots). This was, for me, the one & only essential – kept me feeling cool & fresh(ish!). x

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