Prepare for an induction.

If you read our post about C’s Wonky liver. You’ll know that an induction was on the cards. We just didn’t know when.


We had been told to return the next day for more tests. I spent the whole night worrying. Every hour was an hour my baby was potentially at risk.

Saturday morning arrived, we made the last few checks of the hospital bags and set off at lunchtime.

Almost as soon as we arrived, C was on the monitor. It was tense, no mention of an induction.

That was until the Dr’s arrived. Turned out C was going to have one. Her cervix was considered favourable and she was booked in for Sunday at 2pm.

We were going to meet our baby. Suddenly we were going to be parents sooner than nature intended. One last night together before our lives changed.


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  1. Jenny Paulin Reply

    Must have been a worrying time for you I am very pleased that everything’s turned out ok 🙂 he is gorgeous x x

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