Quinny Moodd Stroller – Review

When Kirsty and I started looking for strollers for Monkey I was adamant that we wouldn’t buy a 3 wheeler. I didn’t think they seemed safe from a stability point of view. So when we were asked to review the Quinny Moodd Stroller I was a little skeptical, however after using it constantly for the last month I can easily say I have eaten my words. I love this pushchair.



We live out in the country and love to go for walks around parks and woodland areas. In the past we have really struggled with our strollers, mainly to do with the size of the wheels. The large rear wheels, combined with the great suspension on the Quinny Moodd lets us walk anywhere without struggling through the foliage or getting stuck in a particularly muddy patch. The ride is much better for Monkey too, he doesn’t seem to get thrown around in the pushchair at all, unlike with other strollers we have used.



The Moodd is so easy to push, the seat unit doesn’t lean back on to the handle bar and supports M’s weight which makes walking up hill particularly easy. The front wheels have a swivel function which are easy to use and the handle bar has three different positions. You can turn this stroller on a penny, its so light and very sturdy.



This stroller can be used from birth, the seat unit can either face you or away and can be laid completely flat. The foot rest can also be moved upwards to support their feet. My one criticism about the recline function is that the ‘flat position’ seems to recline too far back and M almost looks as if he blood will travel to his head. I’m not sure if this is due to his weight pushing it back so I would be interested to hear from others with younger children. The seat unit is extremely easy to remove and unlike other strollers it is not fiddley as the release buttons stay in place once pressed allowing you to position your hands to support the unit and remove with ease.


The fold is very simple, I have had no issues so far, except that the chassis must have the break engaged, otherwise there is no stability to push the frame downwards. The chassis can only be folded if the seat unit is removed, which is not an issue for us at all. When folded the Quinny Moodd fits into the tiny boot of our KA. We have to remove the back wheels, which come off very easily but we were delightfully surprised that such a ‘large’ looking pushchair could fold down so small. Putting the chassis up is even simpler as the frame has an automatic function and does all the hard work for you, just makes sure the frame clicks once it’s fully open.



I really like the break, you use the right peddle to engage the break which I have complete trust in, this peddle is red and to release the break you press the grey peddle on the left side. Its very simple.


There really isn’t anything I can find fault with on this stroller. It’s so simple to use and Quinny also have a short video manual on their website which answers pretty much every question you might have about the stroller. I would recommend it to anyone. We also have a newborn insert, and will update the review when we use the stroller for our next baby.

The Quinny Moodd retails from £500 which is very reasonable for the quality of the stroller.

*We received this pushchair free for the purpose of this review.

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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    I’ve never really had much to do with Quinny pushchairs – I know nothing about them although I have heard people comment on some of their older models that they seem flimsy – The Moodd seems anything but flimsy! Great robust looking pushchair!

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