Quitting the Fizz

My name is Clare(ra) not Clar(ra) and I am a fizzy drink addict and it’s starting to take over my life, once again.

So from today, Wednesday 5th September I am setting myself the challenge of giving up fizzy drinks for the entire school term. This includes all full fat drinks, all diet drinks and all carbonated alcoholic drinks, no exceptions. Not even on special occasions. I will be going completely cold turkey!

For some people this may sound like a piece of cake and you may be sitting there reading this post thinking ‘what is all the fuss about?!’, so I’ll give you a little insight into my addiction.

I wake up in the morning and the first thing I want is a drink, a fizzy drink. Now this is not unusual behaviour if you think about all the tea and coffee drinkers out there who can’t function in the morning without their first brew of the day, but for me its fizzy, full fat or diet, I’m not too bothered but full fat is my true weakness. At this point I will weigh up whether I should brush my teeth straight away but risk having to wait a while because it ruins the taste and prolong my thirst, or whether I have time for a quick drink, then brush my teeth.

I go into the kitchen and to my absolute horror there is not a drop of fizz in the house, anxiety starts to set in. Now you would think I would just grab a glass or a mug and make myself a drink of water/squash or a cup of tea/coffee, but no.

Scenario one: If it’s the weekend I will give everyone a kiss good morning, sort breakfast for the little man, which is usually as pain au chocolate or some granola, pretty simple stuff and quick, if Kirsty has already done it, that’s a huge bonus and I pull on the first decent pair of trousers I can find and a hoodie and say ‘I’m just popping to the shop, does anyone want anything?!’ and I’m out of the door.

After 10 years of living with me and my fizz addiction, Kirsty knows full well why I’m having to leave the house so early at the weekend and she knows my brain won’t focus until I have a drink. It’s just normal for us now but in truth, it’s not normal behaviour and I know it!

Scenario two: It’s a weekday, we’re up and getting ready for work/school and I physically won’t have time to pop out before we all need to leave the house together and I certainly won’t have time to stop before dropping Kirsty at work and I also don’t want to admit to my family that my head is struggling and that I’m anxious, so I start a plan of action in my head as to how I will be able to get to a shop before my day starts at 9am. Luckily there is a supermarket on route to work which will be sufficient but they’re not always reliable and do I risk it, decisions, decisions absolutely bonkers, I know!

My brain works around how I will be able to access facilities which will accommodate my fizzy addiction and I truly can’t give you a reason why. Luckily I am now able to recognise when things are getting out of control and I am not prepared to ruin all of the hard work I’ve put into losing weight. If I continue down this road, I can see myself a stone heavier within a year and I’m not letting that happen.

If you can relate to this and you suffer with an addiction like me, no matter what it is, whether it be fizzy drinks, sugar, a binge eating disorder, smoking then join me on Today, 5th September and we’ll support one another. You can find me on Instagram @ClaranotClara where I’ll be keeping updates on my progress. My aim is to be fizz free until at least Friday 21st December and hopefully into the New Year. Wish me luck!

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  1. Clara Reply

    Hiya. Great Blog. I mostly just want to say that I am also a Clare(ra) not a Clar(ra)! And from the UK too. Hooray to us! Also, my wife and I are just starting our journey into making a little human. Although it’s early days, we’ve been talking/planning for a long long while. It’s great to read your story and about your lives.

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