Raging Lezzers and other remarks

Kirsty and I got to talking with some friends of ours about the terms in which people refer to us as. I’m not talking ‘Civil Partners’ or ‘Same Sex Parents’ I mean the sort like ‘Raging Lezzers’ or ‘Lesbo’s’.

I was explaining to them about two instances where someone has gone completely out of their way to make a remark to us.

1st – On the first day of our Honeymoon a guy in a car deliberately stopped in front of us and shouted ‘Lesbians!’ out of the window.

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2nd – We were holding hands through our local shopping centre when a group of lads also shouted ‘Lesbians!’ at us. It’s now a joke between K and I as I thought they shouted ‘Lizard’ at first. K used to have a Mohawk so I just put two and two together haha.

I won’t go into details about some of the other comments we have had thrown at us over the years.

We try not take it to heart though if a friend makes a remark, we know its meant in jest and we find it quite funny. If a complete stranger makes a remark, which are almost always men, we see it as an inferiority or ‘size’ complex that they have *joke, we know not all men have a size issue*

I think it’s the fear of the unknown to be completely honest. It has got me thinking though, have any of our readers had any remarks referencing their sexuality thrown at them? We’d like to hear them and your opinions on why people feel the need to shout them out.


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  1. Purplemum Reply

    That’s terrible, there are some idiots out there. I’m bisexual and when I had a girlfriend we caught a plane once. Another passenger felt the need to come over to tell us that what we were doing was a sin and that God would punish us. I had no response to that one.

  2. Mum2BabyInsomniac Reply

    People can be so ridiculous. When I was at school there were some girls in my class who took to calling me ‘purple haired lesbian’ – I have no idea to this day why it became my nickname. I did have purple hair but I also had a boyfriend! If I had have been a lesbian then I don’t really see what they would have achieved from pointing it out to me every day. I think people who point it out must be unhappy in their own lives as otherwise they wouldn’t be so worried about what others are doing with theirs x

  3. Rachael Reply

    Bloody hell. I’d be tempted to yell “Very observant” back at them. Followed by “Tosspots”. You can take the girl out of Scotland…

  4. Lauren Reply

    Some people are complete and utter idiots. What do they think they will achieve by shouting these things?! I agree with Rachael, shouting ‘very observant’ is a great response.

    In Sixth Form a group of silly immature girls kept hinting that they thought I was a lesbian, simply because I am quite open if I think someone is pretty or has a nice figure, I’ll always tell people if I think they look nice etc. It was so ridiculous. Even worse, our teacher was a lesbian and it can’t have been nice for her to hear these girls giggling and taking the mickey out of me. x

  5. Brinabird and Son Reply

    I have to be honest that I think it’s a bit crazy people think they still need to say remarks especially when they are just stating the obvious and most people are like so what? I have no idea what it must feel like and can only imagine and appreciate you have the strength to laugh it away.

  6. Mrs Teepot Reply

    I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with that, people can be so awful. There does seem to be some sort of social fascination with gay women. I hope it changes soon.

  7. Lemonsqueezy Reply

    My housemates affectionately call me and my partner the lesbians, which in all honesty has never bothered me. I have had some remarks as has my partner which I thought were quite inventive such as dykezilla (my girlfriend is clearly a dinosuar), todger dodger and scissorchick (I am pretty sure scissors and chickens should not be mixed). I just brush it off, my profession as a nurse prevents me from being open about my sexuality and I’m very coy about it anyway so I have managed to stave off alot of remarks

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