Raising For Grayson

Earlier this year we got chatting to a group of blogging friends about ways we could raise money for a very good friend’s little boy. Our very good friend Kara (who featured in our Monday’s Modern Families series) has a four-year old son called Grayson who is diagnosed with SWAN (Syndrome Without A Name). SWAN is used to describe genetic conditions which are not able to be identified. After much brainstorming, Raising for Grayson was born. In 2014 team Raising For Grayson will be climbing Snowdon and Cycling from London to Windsor to raise as much as possible to be able to provide Grayson with some life changing equipment.


Raising for Grayson

Grayson is an incredibly inspirational young man. Even though doctors told his parents he may never walk, he has taken assisted steps and is able to walk aided by a specially adapted walker. The type of walker Grayson is capable of using is not covered by funding and comes with a large price tag. But the walker is essential to help Grayson continue to break boundaries and move mountains. The Leckey Walker would provide Grayson with the independence four your olds desire.  Check out awesome Grayson climbing his own mountain in the short clip below.

Not only does Grayson require a walker, his safety and comfort at night-time would be greatly improved if he had a specially adapted bed called Tom by Bakare. This type of bed would not only give his parents peace of mind at night knowing that he isn’t falling out of bed, it also offers Exceptional therapeutic support. Again this item comes with quite a hefty price tag as it’s a bed of extreme high quality and technical ability. So we hope to raise enough to cover both items, which is roughly £12,000.

Raising for Grayson

Source – Innocent Charms Chats

So where do you come in to this? Well not only would we really appreciate donations of any value, we also need your support. We’d love it if you’d like to write a post about Raising For Grayson to help raise awareness, follow Raising For Grayson on twitter and share our tweets or even wear the badge.

Raising For Grayson


Let’s help this incredible little boy continue to move mountains.

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  1. Sarah @apartyofseven Reply

    what a fabulous cause and a brilliant video! clever boy. Will help all i can x

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